“Fake inspector” trespasses into unauthorised zone at FoodMaxx Superstore

The fake health inspector
The fake health inspector

The management at Giftland Mall, Plantation Pattensen, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, has expressed concerns after an unknown individual impersonated a Health and Safety Officer and trespassed into an unauthorised zone in the FoodMaxx Supermarket on Tuesday.

The “fake inspector”, when approached by the Supermarket’s Supervisor and cautioned about his trespassing, was unable to produce any form of identification or Government badge to support his claim.

The company said the man further continued to intimidate the employees in the respective area.

Based on a press release sent out by Giftland, the supposed “inspector” then proceeded to walk around the mart making purchases after the suspicious encounter. He was subsequently, approach by the company’s security team and was again unable to identify which organisation he represents, or provide his name and designation.

Following the suspicious event, the Giftland team reached out to the Chief Environmental Health Officer, Carl Dey, who confirmed that no Health Officer was scheduled to perform inspections at the FoodMaxx Superstore.

The Giftland team noted that in light of the events that transpired in the past week and the recently concluded court case between the Giftland Group and City Hall, this occurrence seems highly suspicious.