Face masks now required to enter the Iwokrama Forest Area


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the entire globe and to protect staff of
Iwokrama and the Guyana Police Service along with Fair View Village, Iwokrama is introducing a new policy.

With immediate effect, all persons passing through the Iwokrama forest will be required to
wear face masks. You will not be allowed to pass without a mask at Kurupukari or at Corkwood.

Police officers and Iwokrama rangers/Checkpoint persons are required, at all times, to wear
masks when dealing with road users and other members of the public.

Please take this very seriously. We now have a Patient Zero for Region 9 that has passed
through the area and may have had contact with many persons in the Rupununi.

Georgetown is also the epicenter for this disease and we have many persons travelling through the Iwokrama Forest to Region 9 from Georgetown.

Additionally, Brazil has a very high rate of infections so we also have to protect ourselves from the possibility of cases coming from Brazil as well.