EYEWITNESS: What’s missing…


…in the “accomplishments”

Sometimes what’s missing is even more important than what’s present. That’s what struck your Eyewitness when he perused the 125 “accomplishments” the PM’s Shill compiled to ward off criticisms about the coalition being a “do-nothing” government. Now when you come down to it… what exactly was it the folks who voted the coalition into office wanted? OK…not to just throw out the PPP because of ethnic sentiments (APNU) or revenge (Nagamootoo and Ramjattan in the AFC).

We’re talking about real bread-and-butter issues – like …well…bread and butter, for which one needs money to buy to keep body and soul together. Your Eyewitness is talking about jobs…jobs that’ll allow folks to work for THEIR money to maintain their dignity and not depend on handouts on breadlines. And that’s where the Shill went mute: not even a squeak about creating businesses that’d employ people.

 Instead, we hear about relaunching the National Service and the Cadet Corps and suchlike, to herd another generation into a dependency syndrome mentality. Rather than, say, closing down the sugar industry and talking vaguely about ‘leasing the land’ to workers, why couldn’t the Government identify some specific crop, provide the seed money, and identify markets?? Or launch some new industries like the Eastern Tigers??

Don’t they remember what the Japanese Government did when the Mazda rotary engine gamble went bust?? They didn’t just wring their hands and launched National Services to sop up the unemployed. They identified a strategic global need for oil tankers – occasioned by OPEC’s new monopoly  and got Mazda into the business of building tankers. That didn’t mean Mazda went out of the car business – but they got a breather that was a win-win for them and the country. Japanese got jobs, and Japan benefited.

 But your Eyewitness will tell you why this government isn’t going to move in that direction to create jobs – apart from having to find sinecures for all those army veterans who just can’t cut it in business. And apart from not appreciating that SOMEONE has to make profits – and get rich in the process – in a capitalist economy.

 Thing is, most of those who have the background to run successful businesses aren’t going to roll over and play dead like back in the first PNC turn at the wheel. The modern liberalised world offers more options for capital – which after all, is the very definition of “fungible”. Have you noticed some of them already starting to move out?? But back to where we started – what’s missing.

 The PM’s Shill – like most of his cohorts – having never even run a cake shop, is absolutely clueless about what it takes to  MAKE money.

All they can do is spend it!!

…in rice

One of the “accomplishments” the Shill claimed was to have secured “New markets for rice”. And once again this government exposes its total ignorance of what makes a “market” for a person who produces goods to sell. A market is one in which you MAKE A PROFIT!! To break it even finer for the know-nothing government – you have to sell your goods at a higher price than what you produced it for.

 A market isn’t one where you make a loss…that’s DUMPING!! Could the Shill tell the nation which market they opened up where rice farmers and millers are making a profit?? Was it the one his boss Nagamootoo promised also two years ago he “secured” in Mexico?? Could he tell the nation how many tonnes of rice or paddy have been shipped to Mexico??

 Your Eyewitness will spare him the effort. Zilch!! Nada!! Zero!! While bull-sh*t may help grow rice as manure, it doesn’t create markets!!

…in the new GECOM list??

One of the nominees for the GECOM Chair by the Opposition Leader confessed he doesn’t think Prezzie will select anyone from the second list.

Of course, he won’t! That special female ex-Judge wasn’t on it!!


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