…in coalitions?

The meeting between Prezzie and the WPA might’ve been precipitated by the demotion of the latter group’s co-leader, but it seems that the larger issue of the internal relationships within the APNU umbrella was raised.

They’ll all be meeting in July, but we don’t know the agenda as yet. It should be interesting, however, if for no other reason than that it reminds Guyanese exactly who’re in this “coalition” with the PNC.

In case you’ve forgotten, back in 2011, when it was launched, we were told “A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)” consists of the PNCR, the WPA, the GAP, the NFA, the Guyana People’s Partnership (GPP), the Guyana National Congress (GNC), the Guyana Association of Local Authorities, the National Democratic Front (NDF), and the Justice for All Party (JFAP). Did we get them all??

As your Eyewitness noted recently, all these groups were really just adding “lipstick to a pig” – in the memorable phrase of President Obama. Do any of you, dear readers, recognise any of them – with the exception of GAP and WPA? These latter two are probably the only groups with any kind of name recognition; but folks could be excused for going along with the PNC’s dismissal even of them.

With GAP, which had insisted on the distinction most folks thought was without a difference — calling itself a “hinterland” party, rather than an Indigenous Peoples’ Party — it was clear that party had no clout in the Government.

Why else would the latter include Amerindian land issues with African ancestral land issues? GAP not only shot itself in the foot, but plunged a spear into its heart. It really boggled the mind of your Eyewitness when the Govt insisted the agreement on Amerindian lands — part of the agreement with Britain to grant us independence (Annex “C”) — could be made the subject of a CoI. What was there to “inquire” into? Anyhow, if it’s not “sayonara” to GAP, it ain’t “Hakuna Matata”!!!

As for the WPA, what more can be said about that party that hasn’t already been muttered? Before that July meeting, shouldn’t the WPA at least vet the words of the PNC via their actions on Roopnaraine? So exactly what will he be doing over at the Ministry of the Presidency? Looking after the Public Service, as was first announced? In other words, the Coalition’s answer to Jennifer Westford?

Or will be in charge of the “Department of Innovation and Education Reform”, as we just heard? And exactly what is THAT?

Your Eyewitness figures that, at the July conclave, the PNC will just remind its “partners” they really hold no pieces in the game of chess that’s realpolitik!


…on crime fighting?

On one hand, we hear the police are really on the ball when it comes to crime fighting! All kinds of positive figures have been tossed out to convince us of that “fact”. But with statistics, what’s covered up is always more revealing (pun intended) than what’s exposed! For instance, what’s this nonsense about the police is so hapless on the “assassination threat” to Prezzie, the poor man was forced to launch a CoI to look into the matter??

All the man in charge of the police — Public Security Minister Ramjattan — could say was, “All of us didn’t like what was playing out. It was taking a long time, the witness wasn’t turning up, confrontation and a number of things concerning all of that.” The GPF’s been boosted from 3000 to 4000 trained operatives, and we can’t have a “confrontation” when Prezzie’s facing a threat!!!??

What nonsense! Obviously Prezzie knows it’s a conflict of interest for him to craft the ToR of a CoI when he’s the target.

But what can he do?

…and victory

Your Eyewitness was enthralled by Pakistan’s victory over India in the Champion’s Trophy final. Those fellas were united in defending the honour of their beleaguered country.
And they came through like true champions. Pakistan Zindabad!!


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