…not even for a day

At the flag raising ceremony to usher in Republic Day, President Granger said, “Everyone wins when the nation is united.” Of course, this is true…but what does it have to do with the price of psidium??!! This is the kind of banal homilies that Granger’s been spewing since he took over the Presidency almost four years ago, even as his actions have led to the most intense polarisation of our land of “six peoples” in decades!!

Take the theme for Mashramani that was to follow his flag raising: “Celebrate Mash 49 with Victory in Mind”. How does this relate to “unity” when PNC green banners matched every Guyana flag on the Mash route — reminding all and sundry that the “victory” was for the PNC at the upcoming elections?? So yes, for the day of the pageantry and jump-up, there were Guyanese of all stripes and colours out on the streets. But is this the “unity” that will make the “nation win”??
Certainly not!! People may have “mixed and mingled” on the streets of Georgetown, but did this bring them together in a unity that would make them see Guyana as a “common venture”?? How could there be “unity” when Granger gave his Ministers a 50 per cent salary bump and the Government workers a measly 10 per cent at best??

How could there be “unity” when he fired 7000 sugar workers with no plans for their alternative employment?? How could there be unity when he continually breached the Constitution with impunity?? Is the symbolism of raising the national flag more important than upholding the constitution?

There will be real unity in Guyana only when all Guyanese see themselves being treated equally by the government of their land — regardless of which party wins the election. In their campaign Manifesto of 2015, the PNC/APNU and AFC coalition promised to involve the PPP in governance to bring “unity” into the land.

Heck…the PNC didn’t even bring in the AFC into the Government!! They were just used as window dressing, and the spoils of office all went to one section of the country. How can that bring “unity”??

The problem with the PNC and “unity” is that they were born out of disunity, when Burnham split off from the original PPP and took his constituency with him. That original PPP represented the only time when Guyanese saw real unity — since each of the six peoples had seen themselves represented in the exercise of power. But that unity was smashed into shards because of the overweening ambition of one man.

Guyana will experience unity again only when the PNC quit acting as if Guyana is its transported property!

…on corruption

SARU, which begat SARA, was formed by the PNC/APNU Government to join SOCU in fighting the “rampant” corruption during the PPP regime, which they claimed had “siphoned off billions and billions” from the treasury. The two organisations would return these billions to the Government – and this money would be used to fund any number of virtuous activities!!

Well, we’re approaching four years of their mission, but there hasn’t been a single asset recovered (SARA) nor a single “organised crime” operation busted (SOCU)!! Instead, in an ironic dénouement, both organisations have become mired in accusations of corruption!! With SOCU, the two seconded British “corruption experts” have left in a swirling miasma of corrupt practices, and the head of the unit is being investigated for unaccounted spending!!

And now we hear that after spending more than $200 million annually for four years, not only has SARA not recovered a single asset, but hasn’t paid its consultants for work done.
Will SURU be now launched to clean up DURU?

…in awards

Calvin Benn — the former Dep CEO at GECOM, who fell on his sword to allow the incumbent to be ushered in by Patterson’s casting vote — and Vincent Alexander, the veteran PNC Commissioner, have both received national awards.
All for the (PNC) cause!!


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