EYEWITNESS: Unfit and imprappa…


…AFC Dead Meat

The AFC are running on their own in the LGE, after they were rebuffed by the APNU…or more specifically, the PNC. They’d demanded the same 40 per cent of offices they’d demanded in Cabinet appointments before the 2015 General Elections, when they promised to bring their 11 per cent support into the APNU/AFC coalition platform. The PNC said, “No way Jose!!”, or more pointedly, “Go show us what you have, losers!!”

Point of the matter is, the AFC never did bring in their promised 11 per cent from the Indian community that would’ve traditionally gone to the PPP. So when they were given the promised 40 per cent in the Cabinet, hard core PNCites were livid. Never mind AFC Cabinet Ministers – being creatures of the President – were made so ineffectual they might as well have been dog catchers!! Like, of course, the man who so lusted to be “Prime Minister”, he betrayed all!! All he got was “Larwah” – but he seems to be liking it. Go figure!!

Anyhow, at an event dubbed “Fit and Proppa”, to rally their candidates for the LGE, even the ones who’d evidently been nominated by Guyanese “walking dead”! – AFC’s Kathy Hughes — claimed bitterly they were the ones who’d put the PNC into office. The not-so-subtle implicit subtext, of course, what that the PNC was ungrateful for throwing them out on their own, and not keeping them on its coattails!!

But even their “Fit and Proppa” label shows how disconnected the elitist AFC is from the grassroots – which is where the LGE is fought. No grassroots voter would be caught dead saying “Fit and Proppa” – they’d be run out of their village with the derisive hoots greeting their pretentious pronunciation of “fit an’ prappa”!! Truth is, the AFC has become the “Dead Meat” that Ramjattan predicted before they sold their souls to the PNC for thirty pieces of silver. And dead meat, by definition, has to be “unfit and imprappa”!!

Your Eyewitness doesn’t have to wonder what the PNC will do with the AFC after the LGE reveals they’ve got no supporters! They’ll demand every leader from the AFC – starting with Nagamootoo and Ramjattan – swear fealty to the PNC in general, and Granger in particular, by kissing his ring and, of course, his posterior!! If, when there were no objective grounds for rejecting their 11 per cent pretentions, the AFC accepted being humiliated by the PNC, imagine the treatment they’ll accept when they’re exposed as the fakes they are!!

Especially when the PNC’s hand is strengthened with the new corps of soup drinkers they’re cultivating during the LGE nomination process!!

It’ll be a new Larwah time!!

…Town Clerk

No Guyanese — of whatever political persuasion — can be surprised at the revelations from the CoI into the actions of Town Clerk Royston King. Not if they’re honest and not sleeping during the last four years. King’s ascension to the position had been born out of illegalities, which naturally defined his modus operandi.

He’d been appointed Town Clerk in 2014 by then Mayor Hamilton Green, after serving as his PRO – even as Carol Sooba occupied that position. Even after the Court ruled King’s appointment illegal, Green backed him and had vendors harass Sooba.

From the moment the Government changed and Bulkan removed Sooba – violating the very principle Green had challenged Sooba’s appointment over – and appointing King, in July 2015, King naturally concluded he could do whatever he wanted. He was blessed from “on high”.

The 2016 LGE strengthened his hand, when his old compadre and hard core PNC insider Patricia Chase-Greene became Mayor. Along with past PNC General Secretary Oscar Clarke, they were now given the licence by the PNC to do whatever they wanted with the City’s purse – to take care of the largest PNC base, of course. But King and Chase-Greene had other plans – personal plans.

The question is why Patricia Chase-Greene’s not also under investigation?

…for GECOM Chair

GECOM’s Chair James Patterson warned, “Mischief is afoot”. Yes….from the moment he was appointed by Granger!!


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