EYEWITNESS: Trumped up…


…charges by Nagamootoo

It’s obvious Moses Nagamootoo’s lost whatever journalistic integrity Janet Jagan might have drilled into him when he’d served under her at the Mirror for donkey years. He’s now been reduced to a journeyman hack-apologist for the PNC Government he boasts he helped put into power. In his latest column in the Chronic, “TRUST AND THE TANGLED TIMES”, he predictably took the opportunity (created by him awarding himself a column while he yanked those of David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis!) to throw shade at Bharrat Jagdeo!

This time, it was about the Pradoville II allegations “where key PPP Government officials disgracefully and dishonestly helped themselves to posh residential State land”!! He didn’t mention that the other charges by SOCU that have gone to trial, ALL four have been thrown out!! But why would he…his interest isn’t justice but REVENGE!! He’s happy as a ruminant digging his nose in swill. But more power to him – he has to earn his (very expensive) keep!

However, your Eyewitness thinks Nagamootoo crossed the line when he tried to illustrate “PPP corruption” with a section captioned “$20B EARNINGS”: “I would never forget the day when a young man, who was in the leadership of the PPP and had held a senior public service post, walked into my office to tell me that he was being investigated by the Police in relation to monies he had “earned”. “How much money are they looking at?” I asked him. Calmly, he answered: “$24 billion.”

Now this is a very nasty allegation to be digging up and phrasing unadulterated hearsay to make it appear the young PS admitted ‘earning’ $24 billion!! Fact of the matter is that this was what SOCU claimed – against the PS’s public statement that it might’ve been the TOTAL REVENUES that passed through his account – but certainly wasn’t what had remained there as profits!

If Nagamootoo hadn’t read the reports in his Chronic (maybe he’s nauseated by his own propaganda?!), he definitely would’ve read the 2017 US State Department Report on human rights violations in Guyana issued last November. It stated that while there were accusations of the PS accumulating the billions from “money laundering and tax evasion” as of November “no legal case had been made”. That’s still the situation!

But it didn’t stop Nagamootoo from reviving it even as the only charge was for allegations that the young man hadn’t turned over documents to the Court! And was even allowed to proceed to Hugh Wooding to complete his law studies.

Maybe Nagamootoo would rather forget the Report because it repeated claims that he had directed that he had to “scrutinise” all Chronic’s headlines?

What a tangled web…!

…and twisted reporting

The Government’s scared stiff the GTU’s capitulation to their 12% offer versus their 40% demand might still be rejected since it has to be ratified by the membership. So, not surprisingly – since this is the PNC we’re dealing with – the attack dogs have been let loose at those they believe might question the “deal”.

But Nagamootoo’s Chronic was really reaching when it solicited a reaction from GTU’s Gen Secretary Coretta McDonald to a Muckraker’s CARTOON!! The cartoon had M Donald listening to the PPP while GTU President Mark Lyte frets that she wants to “strike” even though they got a good deal. Noting that she operates by strict labour principles McDonald stuck it to the Chronic: “Even if I’m aligned to a political party, what’s wrong with that? The Constitution gives us the right to associate and to be a part of, so I don’t know why all of this big fuss and fret and all this big glamour.”

But when Lyte was being firm, wasn’t he also accused of being “PPP”??

…or trump card?

While attacking McDonald for questioning the “deal”, Nagamootoo’s rag steered clear of former PNC MP Vanessa Kissoon, who explicitly questioned the “deal”.

She emphasised it ain’t over till it’s over!! Quo vadis, Nagamootoo?


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