…(night) shade

It would appear the “Director of Public Information” is of the view that the only “information” to be directed to the public should be his cussing out of the PPP in general and Jagdeo in particular. But the fella’s so inept, clumsy and bungling, he always opens himself – and his boss Nagamootoo – to ridicule, with the shade he tries to throw. Instead of throwing (night) shade – which is deadly – he throws boomerangs that just come right back to hit him right on his kisser!! Ouch!!

Take his last “op-ed” column – which he inserted in the Chronic: “Dismantling Jagdeo’s welfare state”. Obviously, he thought he was clever to play on the term “welfare state” to suggest that the PPP passed on benefits only to friends and family. Well, that was the song the AFC and their boson buddy (they thought!!) PNC, sang before the elections, didn’t they? They conducted 50 “forensic” audits to show the alleged “thiefin’”, didn’t they?

NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS BEEN CONVICTED!! Now you’d think this would shut them up, wouldn’t you? The proof of the crime being the “jailing” and all that!

But no!! The wankers – led by Nagamootoo and his water-boy, the DPI – have intensified the shade throwing. But then what’s left? They can’t point to any accomplishments of the Government that may convince folks to vote for them. Their plan, therefore, is to paint the PPP as black as possible to scare their supporters who’re having second thoughts, back under their tent.

But the water-boy didn’t realise when he used the “welfare state” accusation against Jagdeo, he was just reminding folks of the “welfare state” the PNC/AFC created in just three years.

This makes whatever the PPP did in 23 years, look like tiddlywinks!! Since we don’t have space for all the handouts to friends and family, let’s just mention a few.

Fifty per cent raise to Ministers? $1 billion? D’Urban “Jubilee” Park? Another $1billion? ANSA Pharma” $600 million? Bottom House Warehouse? $260 million? Oil sell out? Shorting Guyana out of at least US$600 million in bonus for signing? $54 billion in spending unaccounted for as per the Auditor General in only two years!! Forty-two top end SUV’s – including five for GECOM? $800 million?

The lesson we hope the water boy learns in that people in glass houses shouldn’t try to throw shade. They leave themselves exposed in their nakedness.

And it ain’t pretty!!

…Ramjattan under the bus

Poor Ramjattan! Here he’d read the signals correctly when he predicted if the AFC hitched up to the PNC, they’d become “dead meat” – and yet he allowed his blind ambition to blind him to the ways of the PNC. So here he is in the throes of what can only be called a total breakdown from all the flack that’s been coming at him from every direction.

He demanded and got the portfolio of “Home Affairs Minister” – which was renamed “Minister of Public Security”. But since then it’s been one continuous illustration of the caution – “Be careful what you ask for”!! The “serious crime” rate just wouldn’t go down and all that he could do was back up the ridiculous statistics issued by the Police to convince folks that they were hallucinating! Then there were the jailbreaks…one every year since he took over the portfolio from Rohee whom he’d crucified.

Once, they say is “happenstance”; twice is “coincidence”, but thrice? That has to be enemy action!!

And it’s all because the PNC left him out to hang!

…money away?

The PPP contracted to rebuild CJIA with eight departure gates for US$138 million. The PNC-led Government hiked that to US$150 million for TWO gates. Now they had to fork out another $346 million for another two gates?!


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