EYEWITNESS: The spigot…


…of money for the PNC

The oil isn’t here yet…but that hasn’t stopped the PNC Government from opening up the money spigot like those old-time pork-knockers of yore! But since the six-sisters of the traditional economy, according to President Granger, are ailing and not delivering as they used to do into the Consolidated Fund, where’s the Government getting the money from? Well…duh!!…borrowing of course!! Dangling the prospects of future oil revenues, the Government has tapped into the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the local commercial banks!!

So what if our foreign currency reserves have plummeted while our debt has skyrocketed?? Let’s live in the moment Baby!! Just like their Founder Leader Burnham taught them during his (rigged) stint at the wheel. His spigot was the nationalised sugar and bauxite industries he thought could be cash cows to service his massive borrowings. By the time he was finished, Guyana was bankrupt with an external debt of US$2.1 billion, which at the time made us the most Highly Indebted Poor Country – on a per capita basis!!

And is anyone surprised the spigot only delivers its money to the PNC faithful and their friends? Naah…that’s the way the PNC’s (money) cookie always crumbles!! Back then, it was high-paying jobs in running (into the ground!!) the 80 per cent of the economy they controlled for the shirt-jacked PNC elites. Tractors and pigs and cows for co-ops were doled out to make the “small man become the real man”.

Today, the PNC’s turned on the money spigot with a vengeance!! Imagine they have paid $265 million in rental for that bottom-house warehouse in Sussex Street!! A Minister had to resign and offer an apology, but that didn’t stop the spigot…it kept on pouring out cold cash.

Why? The bag man’s a PNC financier who’s backed by a big one in the party!! Another $400 million was added to the Demerara Harbour Bridge to make it four lanes rather than three…but no change, of course, for the “Ming Swing” to direct the spigot into the pockets of another PNC financier!!

Then we heard of six “special” prosecutors paid retainers of $2 million each – and then chalking up $20,000 per hour if they appear in court. They have to be very, very SPECIAL to be raking in such fees, all right!!  They were hired, however, not by the DPP – the constitutional office responsible for prosecutions – but by the Attorney General, who himself earns as much as the President. Your Eyewitness figures he has to cough up big bucks since he’s admitting he can’t do the job!!

And this is only, like with icebergs, the spending we can SEE!!

… of power

Suddenly, Nagamootoo’s become quite garrulous. Sadly, it’s only about the man he considers his bete noir – Jagdeo. He says Jagdeo’s obsessed with power!! Now isn’t that like the “kahari” calling the pot black!!?? Nagamootoo’s whole life was consumed with becoming President – mainly by becoming a lap dog for Jagan and his wife Janet. But when Jagan finally returned to power in 1992, he gave Nagamootoo the most junior of Ministries – Information!!

But rather than introspecting about the flaw Jagan had discerned, he enrolled in law school to get some credentials, which, he thought were the lacking ingredients. Didn’t help…for the simple reason that Nagamootoo was never honest enough to admit he wanted power.

As Burnham had said, “Any politician who says he’s not interested in power is either a fool or a liar”!! In Nagamootoo’s case, Jagan decided he was both.

And that’s why even though he shed crocodile tears about the passing of “Pa”, Janet chose Jagdeo over him!!

As a PM who was shafted by Granger, he’s still coy about power!! Maybe he likes shafting?

…of the old boys’ network

Since your Eyewitness had already predicted it, he’s not surprised at the CCJ’s ruling…which COMPLETELY avoided the “Basic Structure” of the Constitution.

The old boys’ network of the Caribbean has kicked in.



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