Eyewitness: The Sanctimonious Gangster…


…emerges from sulking??

It’s not as if Granger was always in the public eye personally when he was president…but being in that position, the minutiae of his routine were grist for the media mill, and the file photos were regularly trotted out. So you got used to his simpering, vacuous smile. But right after Claudette Singh made that declaration on Aug 2 – which hit him like a blow to the solar plexus after dancing around the ring for five months – he finally had to vacate State House, and the man just disappeared!!

Your Eyewitness at first thought he might’ve been doing penance for the hell he’d put the Guyanese people through. Not the real “sackcloth and ashes” bit, of course, but one of the studied poses he’d adopted to signal he was a “church man”! You know, like dropping to his knees in churches – once a camera was in sight to record the “act of piety”, of course! But since he locked himself away behind those green walls he threw up at his brother’s house at Pearl…we might never know exactly what pose he struck.

But your Eyewitness finally concluded that the man whom a Caribbean diplomat revealed had been dubbed a “Sanctimonious Gangster” by the CariCom heads of government, was just sulking!! Fits with his character that was revealed under the pressure of defending his elections heist, doesn’t it?? Granger, we discovered, is a man who always insists on getting his own way…from appointing the GECOM Chair to insisting that majorities are constituted by “half-men”! And if he doesn’t get his way, like a spoilt brat, he sulks. And when he sulks, he hits out at whoever he feels is in his way.

In his post-August 2 sulking bout, he hit out at the entire top tier of the PNC – which had expediently placed him at the helm for his unctuous demeanor. But had never really taken him, and were jockeying and jostling to succeed him. In one fell swoop, he got rid of Volda, Basil and Norton to place his former “aide de camp”, Lil Joe, as the Opposition Leader – and heir apparent!

Now lo and behold, Granger finally emerged -after thirty days and thirty nights – to present the PNC’s elections petition to the High Court – claiming that the PNC wuz robbed! He took time out to insist that Mingo is a “quiet, peaceful, modest man, mature man”. Maybe. But the question is: “Was he an honest man?”

Finally, your Eyewitness hopes Granger understands there’s a protocol by the Courts in hearing elections petitions.

He gotta stand in line behind the PPP which filed THEIR petition back in 2015!!

…endorses blocking roads

The PNC has always insisted that GECOM is an “autonomous” and “independent” institution. Even when Granger unilaterally appointed Patterson as its Chair, or insisted he should submit a list of names to himself…”independent” it was!! When GECOM R.O. Mingo did the dirty with the Reg 4 SOPs…he was “independent” – and ditto when CEO Lowenfield used the concocted numbers to insist the PNC had won!!

So it was more than passing strange that the PNC has come out in force – lawyers and executives – to support Mingo who’s been charged for committing fraud during the elections counting. With Granger himself praising Mingo and throwing his support yesterday for a protest by Mingo’s fellow villagers at Belladrum – to illegally block the traffic on the ONLY road to the rest of Berbice!! While protesting is a democratic right – protests cannot infringe on the just-as- sacrosanct rights of other citizens.

If Mingo were independent, why would the PNC be so involved with defending his alleged fraud??

Who does the Sanctimonious Gangster think he’s fooling??

…Cussing Greenidge

Poor Carl Greenidge. For a decade he remained mum about the PNC elections rigged to make Granger leader.

Now that Carl dared criticise Granger for degutting the leadership corps, the Sanctimonious Gangster has cussed him out something nasty!! Ewww!!