Eyewitness: The PNC regroups


…for Parliament

So no matter what they say, when your look at the first 23 names (of 31) the PNC submitted for parliament – you know they’re all dyed in the wool PNC!!

Take the nine ostensibly from the “AFC”. Can anyone point to a single instance they took a position that wasn’t slavishly PNC – even when the particular policy was totally contradicted what they’d proposed as a party? For Raphael Trotman, we don’t have to even make an argument…his “navel string” after all, is buried at Congress Place!! He blurted out at a meeting in Bartica the details of his tryst with Granger at Nasssau and the Faustian bargain they struck back in 2011. He was rewarded with the Speakership over Nagamootoo…and the rest is (a sordid) history.

We see Ramjattan’s name on the list and some may ask, “what about him?” Well…what about him?? When was he anything but a doormat to Granger’s whims and fancies after he hitched his star to the latter’s wagon? Didn’t he big up himself to suggest HE was the one who’d proposed that Granger could unilaterally appoint Patterson to the GECOM Chair?? Or that he’d ALWAYS agreed that the sugar estates be closed?? Or didn’t even utter a squeak when Granger hived off Immigration from his portfolio?? Why even go down the rest of the list from the Dead Meat Gang with creatures like Sherod Duncan and Hughes? Their defence of the paradigmatic PNC rigging speaks for itself!!

Granger had promised to jettison all the “cardboard” parties without membership lists, executive meetings and elections and such like. So we understand why Keith Scott and Jailall Sharma are persona non grata – even though Jailall had been ejected from his father’s JFAP and joined the PNC. But how come Sarabo Halley from WPA survived the cut?? Where’s the membership list of the WPA? When did they last have an election of their executive?? Isn’t that executive frozen (or fossilised) in time with Thomas and Roopnarine?? The “WPA and PNC” is a distinction searching for a difference!!

While most of the front benchers weren’t on the list, we can be sure that Volda Lawrence ain’t gonna be there – along with her purse carrier James Bond. Your Eyewitness knows Aunty Amna’s also ain’t getting in too..

She lost it when she did that (fatal) Mae West impression to the PPP on the NCM:

“Bring it on Big Boy!!”

…without Granger??

It’s been bandied about that Granger decided not to return to Parliament. That’s not surprising and he’d admitted as much in a puff-piece “interview” with Benschop. Your Eyewitness always knew that Granger didn’t have the “belly” for a real fight. Unlike Jagdeo from over the PPP benches, he just can’t deal with the cut and thrust of parliamentary debates. He’d rather read from speeches prepared for him. In just two weeks, President Ali had held more press conferences than he did in FIVE YEARS!!

What Granger has hinted at is that he’ll work on rebuilding the PNC at the grassroots!! Can you believe that?? This man wouldn’t know “grassroots” is a snake slithered out and bites hm on his behind!! Does he think he’ll be mobilising support by lurking behind the green walls he’s built at his brothers residence at Pearl?? This is sheer ego and arrogance.

The plan is to have his surrogate Harmon lead the bunch of neophytes in the National Assembly to sing his hosanas!!

…with ghetto operatives

After inducting Broomes into the PNC’s CEC she wasn’t selected to go to parliament. Granger’s counting on her and her ilk to actually mobilise the base with her ghetto behaviour rather than Volda.

He doesn’t realise that base has moved on!!