Eyewitness: The PNC committed…


…political suicide

The PNC have gone into a tailspin which, in your Eyewitness’s estimation, they just can’t come out of and so – obviously – they’re just gonna crash and burn. Why your Eyewitness dubs this a “suicide” is because they inflicted it on themselves – which is what suicide’s all about, ain’t it? Death by your own hands. The Japanese have an ancient form of suicide practised by their elite warrior class called “Hara Kiri” in which they literally fall on their swords – but only do this when they’ve dishonoured their code of honour. In the case of the PNC, however, with no honour save that of thieves, their demise will be recorded as a plain, old “suicide”.

Why has your Eyewitness come to this conclusion? Well, look at it this way, Dear Reader. When the PNC was in office during their infamous “28 years”, while running everything into the ground, Indian Guyanese – the backbone of the PPP’s base – receiving Burnham’s “consign treatment” decided to seek greener pastures abroad. While most of them ended up in the US, things were so bad here that even the backwaters of Venezuela and Suriname looked like green grass!

While he was a control freak, Burnham never tried to stop this emigration surge. It did two things for him: it was a safety valve for any societal explosion and secondly, it served to even up the demographics and clip the PPP’s numerical advantage. By 2011, therefore, the PNC had crept up to within striking rate of the PPP and all they needed was a little push. With the newly-formed AFC showing they could hive off a nice chunk of PPP votes since 2006, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that coalition with the AFC offered the PNC a shot at power.

Question was, would the AFC take the bait, after Ramjattan insisted they’d become “dead meat” once they coalesced with the PNC? The latter, however, knew what made Ramjattan and Nagamootoo tick – the trappings of office! They made them an offer which they couldn’t refuse because of their weaknesses. And voila! the PNC was in office!! All they had to do now was to play “Politics 101” and keep their junior partner happy with a few out-riders and blaring sirens!

But impelled by his compulsion to do it “Burnham’s way”, Granger decided to dump on the Indian Guyanese that the AFC had used to take them over the tape. And this was his “Cool Aid moment” – the fatal act of suicide – that now has the PNC turning blue in the face and gasping for breath.

Sure, they’ll flail around as they go down for the count. But they’re goners!!

…another faux pas

Another fatal mistake Granger made was to underestimate Irfaan Ali, after he was elected by the PPP Central Executive to be their standard bearer at the polls. They really felt the PPP’s traditional base wouldn’t turn out for him and assumed THEY’d be a shoo-in! Famous last words!! It was THEIR base that was turned off by their inattention over the past five years and together with the loss of the AFC’s numbers, their miscalculation forced them into their Mingo Manoeuvre!!

But now they’re seeing the measure of the new President Irfaan Ali. The class arrogance of Granger – which made him dump Volda and all the others from his MP list – is the same imperative that made him dismiss Ali. Granger forgets that unlike the army – where generals remain in the back – in politics you lead from the front. And this is President Ali’s forte!!

As the PNC goes down for the count, one can just hear Granger doing his Brando imitation from “On the Waterfront”.

“I coulda been a contender”!! Yeah, sure!!

…a farce

Your Eyewitness is still reeling at the antics of the motley – and totally hapless – crew Granger sent to Parliament. Having been there before, you’d think Patterson would know better than call anyone a “liar”.

But when you play with puppies…!