…of Georgetown

The Kennard CoI into the Town Clerk’s venality has ripped the scab off the sore that’s the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, and oh, what a stench is created by the pus oozing out like the City’s open sewer drains! Sale of City lands; rentals of City wharves; cooking (and stealing!) of the books; jobs and contracts for friends and relatives; featherbedding for the same; jet- setting lifestyle; unlimited vehicles and guards! Why, Georgetown had become the personal fiefdom of the PNC to plunder and to hold!!

But such a volcano of pus didn’t suddenly appear like an apparition; it was built up ever since the PNC came into office through violence, betrayal, and foreign interference in 1964.

Georgetown was always PNC territory, with Burnham’s constituency forming the vast majority. That constituency made Georgetown into the epicentre of the riots and protests that ousted the PPP from office.

Once the dirty deed was done, the folks who carried out the illegalities were rewarded as office holders. They knew no other way to deal with the demands of running a city but brute force, corruption and enriching themselves.

By the time the PNC were voted out of the central government in 1992, the corruption at City Hall had become institutionalised – and remained so, since they remained in control through their sheer numbers. Georgetowners who voted in Hamilton Green as Mayor in 1994 under his “Good and Green” banner, versus the PNC’s Ranwell Jordan, were showing their rejection of Hoyte’s acceptance of the poll results. And Green’s total focus was to show he could oppose the PPP more effectively than Hoyte.

His constant refrain was to blame the PPP for all his mis(or “non”)management of the City. Garbage piling up? PPP! Roads not fixed? PPP! Workers not being paid? PPP! Vendors were allowed to take over the streets and storefronts of Georgetown, and businessmen were dubbed “bigger thieves” than the street bandits. Green started the jet-setting lifestyle.

There was a running battle with respective Town Clerks who were appointed by the PPP Minister of Local Government. In the end, every problem was answered with, “Blame Sooba!!” Keith Burrowes conducted an inquiry into City Hall’s operations in 2011, and made 45 recommendations – NONE of which was implemented. This was confirmed by Ramon Gaskin, who was charged with keeping tabs. He described City Hall as a “den of thieves”!
So King’s only the top of the iceberg!!

…and rise of Chanderpaul

Shivnarine Chanderpaul was treated most shabbily by the WICB at the end of his international cricketing career. Needing only 86 runs to pass Brian Lara’s 11,953 as the top WI scorer, he was denied selection for the 2015 series in the WI against Australia. Lara called the decision “despicable”, and felt whatever Chanderpaul’s “form”, he had earned a “farewell” tour, so that local fans could acknowledge his sterling contribution to WI cricket.

The WICB pointed their fingers at the selectors, and vice-versa. In the meantime, Chanderpaul’s cricketing performance in the first-class leagues since 2015 shows that he was still a better Test cricketer than most who’d been picked in his stead. So it took West Indians outside the cricketing fraternity to finally show, in a concrete fashion, the fans’ appreciation of the man who showed what “true grit” was all about.

On Thursday, the University of the West Indies awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws to this modest West Indian.

We take our hats off to “the tiger”!!

…of another Government vendetta case

Another cooked-up charge by the Government — this time against Carvil Duncan — to show that PPP officials and individuals associated with them had “siphoned off” moneys from the Treasury bit the dust!!

Duncan should sue for malicious prosecution!!


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