EYEWITNESS: Succession


…in the PPP

With the (strained) decision of the CCJ – Guyana has to become a full-blown dictatorship for Art 90 to be considered to “affect” the people’s sovereignty in Art 1 &9!! – PPP General Secretary Jagdeo gracefully accepted he cannot become a candidate for the Presidency.

Apart from the exultation and joy in the PNC ranks that the PPP wouldn’t be able to field their strongest candidate, it was obvious the party had to select another standard- bearer in 2020.

But it was interesting when Jagdeo — as the General Secretary of the PPP — said he’d be involved in the process of selecting that standard-bearer; the PNC-AFC elements got their buktas all into knots as they protested Jagdeo making himself a “kingmaker”!! It’s not – as some thought – that they misunderstood the defined role of the GS in the PPP, but it was their overwhelming fear of Jagdeo being in any way involved in PPP politics.

And the question of “why?” is crucial to understand what’ll be playing out between now and 2020. Your Eyewitness has said this before, but he thinks it bears repetition: the PNC and its camp followers are scared sh*tless of Jagdeo because he faced down their most violent attack against a PPP Government!! When Hoyte launched his “slow-fyaah-mo’ fyaah” campaign, he revealed the PNC’s mindset when he “explained” that “the only thing the PPP understands is force.”

This assessment had been adumbrated by Burnham in the 1960s when he mounted the first violent attacks against the then PPP Government – with the aid of the CIA and local forces – and Jagan backed down. Jagan claimed he did it not to split the country further, but the PNC then and now saw it as a sign of “weakness”. So when Jagdeo neutralised the PNC’s trump-card of their “kith and kin” in the coercive forces, the PNC wasn’t only flummoxed, they were scared sh*tless!!

Even with him not being the presidential candidate, they don’t want him around; especially come 2020, when it is becoming clear as daylight the PNC intends to rig the elections to control the coming oil money!! And in your Eyewitness’s estimation, that’s why when General Secretary Jagdeo outlined the necessary qualities of the next PPP presidential candidate, he said, “The person would have to be hard-working, possess management skills, and be COURAGEOUS.”

Now, it was also obvious that individuals would put their hands up for the job; but one hoped they’d understand the policies and traditions of the PPP have to be followed.
And if someone doesn’t like the rules, then all they gotta do is get them changed by a majority vote at the next Congress!!

Candidates who’re lawyers should especially appreciate this internal “rule of law” approach!!

…of Bridges

Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, has just promised he’d be supporting moves to NOT dismantle the old Demerara Bridge when the new one is built. Your Eyewitness thinks this is a very solid and forward-looking position. Right off the bat, since it’s clear that the new Bridge ain’t getting built in the next five years, Minister Harmon is signalling that the PNC will be in office then!! Just as how Ramjattan knew what the CCJ would be ruling before the announcement, it seems that Harmon’s “in the know” about the 2020 elections!!

But additionally, there are the practical aspects to having the Bridge remain in place. For instance, the folks from the lower West Bank area – where, serendipitously, Harmon’s from – won’t have to get jammed up by going all the way to Versailles — where the hordes from West COAST Demerara will be “boring in”.

The question, however, is whether, with the reduced traffic on the old bridge, Harmon would be approving the $500 million subsidy to maintain it!!

…in Amaila

Winston Jordan wants Jagdeo to explain how Fip Motilall won the “rights” to Amaila Falls HydroElectic Project.

Couldn’t he simply ask fellow Minister Cathy Hughes, who did Public Relations for FIP’s company Synergy, which owned those rights?



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