EYEWITNESS: Stockholm syndrome…


…in sugar?

Some claim there’s a schism developing in the PPP over the (abject?) stance taken by the leader of GAWU, Komal Chand, to the Government’s devastating unilateralism in the sugar industry. Your Eyewitness hopes there’s no precipitate action taken because it’s clear Komal Chand isn’t responsible for his actions. He’s suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”!!

What’s this, you ask, Dear Reader? Well, it was coined in the 1970s when four hostages were taken captive during a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. Wiki describes the syndrome thusly: “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.” The emotional ties can become so strong some captives identify with the captors, start defending them and, after being released, won’t testify against them!!

Let’s look at what happened between sugar workers and the Government that resulted in Komal Chand gushing after a meeting with the President, Nagamootoo and Ramjattan: “We have listened and we are satisfied that you are concerned with the issues. We are ready to work along with the Government to explore the options and we are going to give our best to see the situation out. You are right that there are no winners in this…”

Now, Komal Chand, to use the terminology introduced by GuySuCo’s Chairman Clive Thomas, is the “agent” of 17,000 sugar workers (the principals) who’d been duly shelling out their dues for decades for the Union to represent their interests against their employer

GuySuCo, owned by the Government of Guyana. And what happened to those “interests”?? Without any discussion with GAWU, and against the recommendations of their CoI, the Government/GuySuCo combine shuttered Wales Estate and threw 1700 workers out on their ears!!

Then after claiming they weren’t REALLY closing down the industry, the Govt/GuySuCo – again not giving Komal Chand the time of day – suddenly closes another three estates and fires 4700 more workers!! Enough abuse by the Govt/GuySuCo honchos holding Chand captive? Naaah! For good measure, they refused to pay the last 4700 fired workers their severance – as mandated by law! negotiating on his knees – crooned, “we are satisfied that you are concerned with the issues”!!! What concern?? As agent for the fired workers the only issue on the table was justice being secured for them. Story done! At best, get a commitment for new employment for them and at worst ensure ALL THEIR SEVERANCE IS PAID!

But because of his Stockholm Syndrome, Chand can’t see this! Poor sods! He should be taken into a back room at ILO HQ and counselled!!

…and the Government

Now that your Eyewitness has raised this Stockholm Syndrome problematic, it’s dawned on him maybe that’s what has caused the Government in general, and the Big Three in particular, to be acting so when it comes to protecting our oil patrimony!

Think about it. Here it was they were whisked away in private jets to faraway places and locked away for days with all those big-time lawyers. While no Guyanese has gotten close enough before Trotman to tangle with these lawyers, those fellas CHEERFULLY boast like with everything, their state produces the BIGGEST!!

While Trotman’s also a lawyer, being of the Guyanese sub-species – and in the bottom rung at that – he’s just your run-of-the-mill minnow! Those big-time lawyers must’ve worked him and his team over something terrible.
And Stockholm victims Trotman and crew are now DEFENDING the oil company!!

…and Guyanese voters

It would appear your Eyewitness has latched onto a really good explanation for a lot of strange behaviour in Guyana.

Could it be PNC voters were so abused over the years by their leaders, they actually WANT an imploding economy? Burnham’s legacy.


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