EYEWITNESS: Still waiting…


…for Code of Conduct?

There’s still some idealism in Guyana. The GHRA’s evidently disappointed the PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition hasn’t come out with the Code of Conduct it promised within 100 days of getting into office. Well, it’s now coming on to 700 days, and all the Guyanese people’s been getting is “ole talk” and “mamaguy”!

Early in the day, Raphael Trotman, who was then running the “governance” portfolio, announced some supposed parameters of the Code. However, they were pitched at such a high level of generality, they might as well been lifted wholesale from some UN declaration on bringing peace on earth and goodwill among men! Folks were requested to make recommendations – and the GHRA actually did so with the expectation of them being incorporated!

Like we said, idealism isn’t dead! But what Trotman actually did was to hand his anodyne proposals to PM Moses Nagamootoo – who they suddenly discovered – was supposed to be in charge of “governance” and chair the Cabinet towards this purpose. Well…Nagamootoo never got to chair the Cabinet – and now we can see, he wasn’t allowed to do anything substantive with the Code – even if he were so inclined!

What Nagamootoo did, was to indicate he’d “integrate” Trotman’s “draft code” within the PPP’s integrity legislation that was already on the books. Now this was the same legislation he and the rest of the Opposition refused to comply with for over a decade to submit details of their income and assets to the Commission. But now Nagamootoo informed the nation, the matter of coming up with a Code of Conduct rested with the drafting department of Parliament! And there it’s since remained in hibernation.

In the meantime, of course, the country’s been reeling from one corruption scandal to the next from Ministers and members of the Government. Do we really need to count the ways and byways of these corrupt acts? Jubilee Park? Pharma Warehouse? Pharma emergency contract? Ahhhh…lists are so tedious!

Anyhow, back to the idealists in the GHRA who still expect something to come out of this exercise in misdirection. They’re now complaining that the recommendations – which we’d criticised two years ago as pitched to such a high level of abstraction as to have absolutely no connection on earth, much less Guyana – are too “bland”.

That’s right – the GHRA actually said “bland”! In addition to being idealistic, they’re obviously so polite they won’t call out the entire exercise for what it is: sticking it to the Guyanese people!

For a PNC-led government to issue a meaningful Code of Conduct is like having City Hall negotiate a parking meter contract!! We’ll get it in the end!

…for decolonisation?

With the world observing International Day for the Day of Racial Discrimination today, we’re so far ahead of the pack, we can all strike that Usain Bolt pose! And why is that, you ask, Dear Reader? Well, last Friday night, if you weren’t one of those homebodies locked away, wondering if Ramjattan’s ACTUALLY gonna close bars at 12 midnight, you’d have known most of the bars in Georgetown had sponsored St Patrick’s bashes!

That’s right…here it is – with nary a single Irish but possibly Sean O’ Grady in sight and we’re drinking green beer and all! Isn’t it wonderful? So what’s the connection with “racial discrimination”? Well, back in the days of slavery and indentureship, the British imported a whole slew of Irish (and Scottish) overseers.

And after taking out their frustrations on our forefathers in the beds of the fields in the day, they took out their lust with our foremothers in their beds at night!
And now we’ve even painted OP green!!

…for the war?

Last year, our fighting men practised the Lizard Crawl in GT when they suspected the Venezuelans were coming.

So do the 500 body bags GPHC ordered for an “emergency” mean our intel’s predicting an imminent strike by Maduro’s hordes??


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