EYEWITNESS: Spreading …Linden (PNC) hysteria


The minnows struggling to “cast out” Granger and his cohorts from the PNC – so that they can “do their thing” in the Treasury! – continue to get increasingly desperate. And we know that desperate people can do desperate things that are by definition extreme, and so can have unintended consequences. In the meantime, with his legs quite weak at this stage of his life – you think it’s easy dropping to your knees at the drop of a hat?! – Granger seems to be using Ali’s old rope-a-dope strategy to wear them down before he strikes back!

Having pulled out the race card early in the game, the hotheads figure it’s their “trump” (!) to peg the PPP on their back foot. And boy, are they playing it!! Trouble is, they haven’t managed to get rid of the Jokers in the pack, and, on Thursday, played them as their “race” trump!!

Out in Linden, the PNC MP who was “jooking” Charrandas in the ribs when the latter brought down their House of Cards in Parliament – seemed to be their point man for their “rally against racism”. (Your Eyewitness was going to say “spear carrier”, but from the anti-PPP rhetoric that flowed that day, he bet they’ll denounce that designation as “racist”!!)

After trying to pin the racism charge on every initiative the PPP’s come out with to deal with the floods and COVID crisis – that deepened the economic downturn left by the APNU – it appears the PNC have settled down on the Government’s COVID vaccination program to rile up their constituents. They’re stoking the latter’s fears of vaccination further, while unctuously and disingenuously insisting they’re not “against vaccination” – but only against it being made “mandatory”! But in reality, their stance doesn’t fool anyone. Their distinction between “choice” and “option” doesn’t even resonate with their followers!! It’s a distinction looking for a difference!!

There was one telling moment at the beginning when the MP Joker – who’d insisted the rally represented “all Guyana” – called for a Christian prayer, and got one. Called for a Muslim prayer…but didn’t get one. Didn’t even bother to call for a Hindu prayer!
Your Eyewitness knows there are some Black Muslims in Linden – the late PNC MP Kadir was one – and he guesses the invitation to prayer was directed at them. But with all the sensitivity on “race and racism”, wasn’t the PNC official “Parliamentary Jooker” worried that his blanking of Hindus was racist? Or was he possessed of knowledge that there were no Hindus in Linden?

All of them had been expelled in the ethnic cleansing of 1964, in the “Wismar Massacre”?
And they’ve never returned?

…(PNC) GT Hysteria

In the Georgetown protest at “Square of the Revolution”, one Joker, who normally rants over social media and gets away with all sorts of incendiary utterances, forgot that things don’t play out the same way in the non-virtual world!! Here, it’s the Police who’re responsible for transgressions – not the Rip Van Winkle ERC! He’s been the mobiliser of most of the protests on his East Coast stomping grounds, but supports the “Square” effort.

He took it upon himself to leave the latter and mosey across to the Ministry of Education to “call out” Minister of Education Priya Manickchand for her efforts to use Pfizer to vaccinate schoolchildren, and for teachers to vaccinate and not put the kids at risk.

Like the Pied Piper he aspired to be, an entourage from the Square followed him. And the Police had to act!! While Art 147(1) guarantees Freedom of Assembly, this is circumscribed by the 1955 Public Order Act that demands 48-hour notice!!

He was duly arrested. Which is what he was looking for!!
Now he can cry “Martyr”!!


Your Eyewitness heard one doctor from GPHC declare that she knows of one person who died from a COVID-19 vaccine. The Minister of Health denies this.

The doctor, as a professional, must disclose her info!!