EYEWITNESS: Spontaneous…


…democratic watchdog?

A distinctive (and sick) feature of the PNC’s make-up is its cynicism about democratic norms. This goes back to its founder leader Burnham, who – without any sense of irony – could arrogantly insist he would “mould” the Guyanese nation into his image – and yet be a “democrat”!! That people should be free to make their own choices never crossed his mind: the name he gave to the collection of his speeches was “A Destiny to Mould”. Guyana’s destiny, that is.

After he formed the PNC when he couldn’t throw out Jagan and take over the PPP, he’s on record as saying he didn’t care what kind of constitution he was given at independence – unlike the PPP that went into conniptions on that subject. Constitutions were just pieces of paper, as far as Burnham was concerned, which he could alter to permit whatever he wanted to do once in power.

Sadly, he was encouraged in his megalomania by the US and Britain, because of Jagan and the PPP thinking they could put “The West on Trial” during a “Cold War” that had gotten pretty hot after the Cuban Revolution.

In power, Burnham broke every democratic norm in the book – and then some!! Buying Opposition MP’s to cross the floor? Check! Rigging elections to deny citizens to choose their government? Check!! Nationalising private businesses? Check! Banning imports, including foodstuff? Check! Writing a new Constitution to “legally” make him a dictator? Check!! Politicising the Army and Police? Check! Killing Opposition leaders? Check!! The US closed its eyes to all these anti-democratic moves, regardless of whether the Democrats or Republicans were in power, because as soon as they raised objections, Burnham just had to slyly point to Jagan, who had OFFICIALLY declared himself to be a communist by 1969!!

By 1989, however, the Cold War was over and there was only one superpower left standing – the USA!! Jagan, also had changed his tune by then!! In short order, the Carter Center came down in 1990 and, as Jagan acknowledged, pretty much chaperoned the return of democracy to Guyana. Even to the point of having the then President George HW Bush call Desmond Hoyte directly when he might’ve balked after Hamilton Green’s GT mob attacked the elections HQ when it was announced the PPP was leading.

Well, your Eyewitness thinks the entrance of the Carter Center at this time when the present PNC incarnation under Granger – who swore to “fulfil Burnham’s legacy” is now trashing democratic values – is significant. The US can’t risk an illegitimate PNC Government here when the PPP has shown it is much more respectful of democratic values.

And, unlike the PNC, nurtures a free market economy, to boot!!


What’s with these vehicles “spontaneously” bursting into flames all over the coast?? With the Government and its house-paper the Chronic blaming the PPP for everything under the sun – including bomb threats and the tensions over not holding elections as per the CONSTITUTION!! – it’s a wonder they haven’t been blamed for this alarming upsurge!!

Now in trying to pin down random events, the first thing is to check if they’ve got something in common. Your Eyewitness was flummoxed when he read the Fire Department were blaming the fires on poor maintenance of the engines. They hadn’t looked into the source of the gasoline the vehicles had used. Sure, leaky hoses, etc, can lead to fires, but with vehicles being driven for decades and the number of vehicles in the country growing exponentially in the last decade, only now Guyanese have suddenly started to neglect their vehicles?? C’mon – get real, guys!!

Your Eyewitness is convinced with all the smuggling and all, it’s the gas.

And he’s already changed his gas station, budday!!


Imagine the UG VC says he wasn’t spending frivolously – even as he converted a former lecture hall into his office; created a cabinet earning more money per capita than Granger’s Cabinet; and earned more frequent flyer miles than Granger!!


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