Eyewitness: So predictable…


…with Granger

A couple of days ago, your Eyewitness commented on David Granger S.G. (Sanctimonious Gangster, have you forgotten?) and his sidekick Harmon’s patent attempts to hold off the PNC’s Congress – which is supposed to select the Leadership. They don’t have to be geniuses (political or otherwise) to know they have absolutely no ground support to win. The writing isn’t only on the wall, but stamped on their foreheads – losers! Harmon had been defeated by Volda Lawrence for the party chairmanship while Granger had to be rigged into office by Corbin!

Granger just released a statement on the developments and to no one’s surprise, we’re no closer to knowing when the Congress will be held. In fact, he revealed he’d commissioned a report on the feasibility of holding it because of COVID-19!! Yup! That’s right – FEASIBILITY! He’s so concerned about the health and well-being of PNC delegates that he’d sacrifice democracy in his party!! Yeah right! What a guy!! But then, sadly, he’s the Sanctimonious Gangster, isn’t he? All fake.

First of all, he’s the one who set up the Committee to pronounce on the feasibility of Congress. This is the man who’s never appointed anybody before assuring himself that they’d ask “How high?” when he tells them to jump! Remember James Patterson for GECOM Chair? Remember him choosing Harmon and a bunch of neophytes to represent the PNC in Parliament over Volda and the veterans? He was burnt by Claudette Singh in the end – but this would’ve made him even more paranoid about choosing guaranteed flunkeys!

Anyhow, Granger hasn’t released the report, but says the entire Central Executive Committee will be making its decision in a couple of weeks on the aforementioned “feasibility” of holding Congress.

But in the meantime, Granger SG insisted that he’s the best thing since sliced bread for the PNC! After all, wasn’t he the only PNC leader to win an election since Hoyte in 1985, he asked? In fact, if he wanted to go down that road, he could’ve pointed out he was the only PNC leader to win an election since Burnham in 1964!! The elections of 1968, 1973, 1980 and 1985 were all “more crooked than barbed wire”!!

And more to the point, many of the PNC supporters – especially the new converts from the WPA – are totally pi55ed with him for not following that tradition and going along with Mingo’s figures! They’re insisting he’s lacking in testicular fortitude for not being willing to “tough it out” against “foreign meddlers”!!

So what’s next? As your Eyewitness has been saying, he’ll rig his way back as PNC Leader.
Unlike the rigging at Ashmin’s, the PNC Congress won’t have international observers, but Granger’s enforcers!
…on unpreparedness

There’s a tragedy unfolding in India as their COVID-19 infections and deaths careen off the charts. What’s the lesson for us? We can’t get complacent…that’s what! Just a few months ago, India was proud of the low infection rates of less than 10,000 daily for a nation of 1.3 billion, but with a mortality rate of 1.7% –one-sixth of Britain’s.

Right now, in comparison, while the mortality rate has dropped, with the infection shooting up to almost 300,000 daily, the absolute number of deaths are now over 2000+ daily.

While India – the world’s vaccine’s factory – was pushing “Vaccine Maitri” or “vaccine friendship” by donating vaccines across the globe including to us in Guyana, they’re now asking other manufacturers to help. But what’s most poignant is that while we were all worried about having ventilators to deal with the virus’ damaging of the lungs, most – including India – didn’t focus on the supply of oxygen.
Yet this isn’t a high-tech product – right up India’s alley.
How’s our supply?
…for inducing corruption

While it may appear quite equitable to allow duty-free vehicles to returning Venezuelans – as was just announced – this is going to encourage corruption for sure. Many will “sell” their rights.
Forewarned is forearmed?