Eyewitness: Shameless…



Raphael Trotman has to be one of the most shameless humans on planet earth, much more in Guyana. Imagine him standing up in Parliament to berate the Government for hosting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, warning: “We must be careful that in the height of the pomp, no pun intended, and ceremony, we do not lose our dignity and self-respect…” No pun intended? He just didn’t have the cojones to say “Pompeo”!!

But “dignity and self-respect” coming from the mouth of a man who gave away our greatest inheritance – the 8 billion barrels of oil in the Stabroek Block – for a mess of pottage?? This is how Global Witness described his role in their report, titled ‘Signed Away: How Exxon’s exploitative deal deprived Guyana of up to US$55 billion: “Based on the evidence seen, Global Witness believes Trotman presented Exxon with FEEBLE negotiation terms, and ignored expert advice that more financial information was needed before he signed the licence”.

The report continued, “Trotman also failed to capitalise on Guyana’s strong bargaining position. During negotiations, he knew that the company was analysing a new possible oil find. Trotman even knew the company would announce its results on a specific day: June 28, 2016. But the minister did not wait for these results, which would have allowed Guyana to assess Stabroek’s true value, and which turned out to be one of the world’s largest recent finds. Instead, on June 27, Trotman signed Exxon’s licence”.

This is a betrayal greater than Judas Iscariot’s – since Jesus knew what was in store for him, but the poor Guyanese people had been waiting for four hundred years to “catch a break”.

Did Trotman retain any “dignity and self-respect” after he pocketed the $125 per diem he’d been given for food when he dined on shrimp and lobster at Exxon’s exclusive Wolfgang Puck restaurant, slept at a 5-star hotel and cruised around in a limousine – all at Exxon’s expense? And he now has the unmitigated gall to warn the PPP Government not to “trade our sovereignty, statehood and hallowed stance of the right to self-determination”?

At least, in a trade, you have some sort of exchange. What did Trotman bring back for Guyana when he accepted that measly US$18 million bonus…when he should’ve gotten at least US$600 million? Larwah?

Trotman also waxed sanctimoniously to the PPP about “non-interference in the affairs of other states by agreeing to some unhelpful and unholy agenda that is meant to boost electoral prospects elsewhere.”

Did he share these concerns with Harmon when the latter paid US$40,000 monthly to US lobbyists to “boost electoral prospects” here?


…PNC sugar sabotage

The PPP is now in the unenviable position of having to clean up all the sh*t the PNC left after their five years in Government. And if you think the language is inelegant, dear reader, remember that Rodney advised this is the only kind of language you can use for the END result of the “Burnham touch”!! Let’s look at what they did in sugar.

They shuttered four sugar estates and threw 7000 workers on the breadline – against the advice of their own COI. This had advised that the operations be kept going for another three years and brought to a point of sale. The PNC insisted they were going to sell off the closed estates immediately. They couldn’t…and now the PPP is stuck with the task of rehabilitating the factories and fields, whether they want to sell or return to sugar or other crops.

If the PNC cared to find out about agriculture, they’d discover it’ll take more than $30 billion to rehabilitate the fields alone!!

But they intended to destroy sugar, no?


A hat tip must go out to self-described “old time PNCite” Alan Fenty for warning the country about the intention of Granger to rig the elections – and then consistently denouncing him for so doing.

He deserves a medal for his patriotism!