EYEWITNESS: Separating…


…saints from scoundrels

One letter writer, from the PNC side of the divide, took umbrage at what she calls “the saintly remaking of Walter Rodney”, by some members of the WPA. Now the members of every party do the same for their “founder leader” – save where, of course, there are no members: like the National Front Alliance (NFA) of Keith Scott!! So, your Eyewitness figures there has to be some other reason for the irritable outburst – other than being against beatification being conferred outside the Catholic Church!!

And in perusing the missive – which is more like a missile – you quickly see, in making Rodney a “saint”, his partisans have to, of course, bring up the representative of the forces of evil who he fought against. In this case, it’s no other than Forbes Burnham – leader of the PNC, who was fingered by that recent CoI into the assassination of Rodney! Now, obviously, this doesn’t sit well with the partisans of Burnham – starting with his protégé President Granger – who’re busy like elves and working overtime to remake HIM into a saint!!

For instance, we heard recently from that completely unbiased fella who knows more than a thing or two about sainthood – Hamilton Green – that Burnham was a “founder” of the PPP! Never mind Ashton Chase had already been selected as the Chairman of the party to be launched – and kindly stepped aside for the soon returning newly-minted lawyer, Burnham! How do you “found” a party where a space had to be made for you??

Anyhow, the gist of the PNC partisan’s gripe was that as a Marxist, in principle, Rodney had to’ve believed in the utility of violence in pushing for social changes deemed necessary for the “working class” to have their day in the sun. But then, Burnham was one of those who’ve shouted “Marx!! Marx!!” and even joined the Communist Party of England. So was he also ineluctably committed to violence? In the partisan claiming “Burnham was seen as the least” of those who cleaved to Marx, maybe he confined his violent proclivities to baring his “sharper steel” against Rodney??

The partisan further claimed Rodney was also committed to violence in practice!! She cited no other than Rodney’s sidekick and old Queens classmate, Roopnaraine, who claimed the WPA was accumulating “weapons”. But does utilising violence to further positive social change an automatic disqualification for sainthood? And we need not even invoke the “Liberation Theology” for social justice, pushed by the Catholic Church around the same time Rodney was active!
After all, who was it that, after “making a whip of cords…drove them (money changers) all out of the temple”?
Sounds pretty violent to your Eyewitness!!

…history from inspecting entrails

It would appear some WPA members – the overseas ones in this instance – have turned to practising “haruspicy “ or “hepatoscopy”. What’s that, you ask, Dear Reader?? Well, you have a clue since it’s analogous to “Colonoscopy” – an inspection of your colon by sticking a scope up your nether region.

According to Wiki, “In the religion of Ancient Rome, a haruspex was a person trained to practise a form of divination called haruspicy, the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. The reading of omens specifically from the liver is also known by the Greek term hepatoscopy.”

What else but haruspicy could it be when the overseas Rodneyites start pronouncing conclusively as to what Rodney would have done on this or that matter IN THE PRESENT!! As for instance, “Rodney would have recommended a practical and fair approach to foreign investment”!! How the heck could they know how he’d turn out?
Just look at his soi disant radical comrades CY Thomas and Roopnaraine!!

…jokers from prosecutors

The acting COP’s upset with a magistrate for telling it like it is: that the Police Prosecutors on the pirate case are a “bunch of jokers, since they can’t make up their minds on how to charge those arrested.

How would he describe them?



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