EYEWITNESS: Retribution…


…for drugs

There’s this gadfly GHK Lall, who’s parlayed a career in writing long-winded smarmy letters into the top job at the Gold Board. You don’t know what’s a “smarmy” person, Dear Reader? The Free Dictionary tells us it’s someone who’s “excessively ingratiating or insincerely earnest”. If you’re still unclear, see synonyms at “unctuous”!!

Anyhow, in his latest missive – why doesn’t this fella work on getting treatment for those poor slobs at the GGMC who’ve been poisoned by mercury which was supposed to’ve been banned? – he insists we should have more “retribution” against local drug traffickers before we can talk about “reformation”!! Can you believe this guy who claims to have worked on Wall Street and would then have some idea how the drug trade works?

That’s right folks…Wall Street! How else do you think the US$435 BILLION from the drug trade – US$84 BILLION FROM COCAINE – gets recirculated?? Or you think all that money’s kept in the mattresses of the drug producers and traffickers? Think about this: total trade in crude petroleum is US$655 BILLION…not far from the trade in drugs, eh?? And we know folks go on and on about how it takes a fully integrated WORLD banking system to keep all those petro-dollars circulating.

So how come GHK and company don’t call for “retribution” against the Big Banks who’re really the “bag men” for the drug trade? And then also, since GHK has boasted as to how he’s a firm believer in free trade and the liberalisation of the market, why does he want to stifle the trade for a commodity that’s so much in demand? Hey…the rule is “if the market demands the goods, then the drug dealers are all simply obeying the “logic of the market”, which is guided by “the invisible hand”!!

And this brings up the point as to why Lall and his ilk don’t rail about the folks up north who’re the main market for the drugs? Does he really want to tell us a country that can send up a drone from a cave in Nevada under the Rockies and guide it to hit a target in some remote village in Afghanistan, can’t locate the big dealers in the States??

But no…it’s easy to knock Guyana since it’s just a sh*thole country, isn’t it? After all, the President of the biggest drug-consuming nation who’s been busier fighting the war against immigrants rather than the “war against drugs” said so!! But, seriously, folks…if from the days of Hammurabi, the retribution argument for reducing crimes hasn’t worked, why push it now? Just to show we’re not just a shithole country but a primitive one to boot?
So why don’t we reintroduce “drawing and quartering”?

…for Parking Meters

Now, don’t get your Eyewitness wrong. He has nothing against parking meters per se. He sees them as a legitimate way for municipalities to regulate traffic in their environs and at the same time collect some revenues. What he has against THIS parking meter contract that City Hall just voted to implement – in an ‘amended’ version – is it’s just downright ILLEGAL!!

And no amount of lipstick applied by the Mayoress, the Town Clerk and their PNC cohorts can change this unfortunate fact. The illegality was committed by the same abovementioned persons since they DIDN’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO NEGOTIATE THE CONTRACT!! And to rub salt into the open wound of the body politic – the matter’s before the Courts!

To facilitate this ‘contract’ – which ain’t really a contract since it was void ab initio – as the PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition is about to do by commanding its mayor-whipped Communities Minister to approve the City By-laws – is to connive and become an accessory to the original crime.

The good burghers of Georgetown must rally behind MAPM!!

…against Govt station

Imagine the gall of the Government-owned radio station being subsidised with our taxpayers’ dollars and STILL not paying its broadcasting fees!!
Can we even hope there will be retribution?


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