EYEWITNESS: Republic Day…


…spite and bile

Your Eyewitness isn’t surprised any longer at how far these AFC windbags can sink. The moment they accepted the PNC’s degutting of the Cummingsburg Accord when Nagamootoo was made into a glorified “gossip monger” rather than a power sharing Prime Minister like in France, you knew they were castrated. Which meant they then had to dance to “do wha’ yuh want wid me!!”

But that only goes for the AFC relations with the PNC. To their erstwhile supporters who’ve now deserted them like folks jumping off the Titanic, the emasculated AFC “leaders’ are driven to show they’re “maan”!! They’ve been driven into a kind of schizophrenia in which they swing from the cringing sycophancy of Ramjattan – supposed to be “Public Security” Minister – looking on from the sidelines as the entire security apparatus is reorganised by the PNC; to him ordering the Police to shut down the Republic Day flag-raising ceremony at Corriverton because they didn’t allow him to speak!!

Now for any self-respecting man with all his equipment intact, he would’ve at a minimum raised a stink when the Crime Chief, who he personally declared wouldn’t be removed, was axed! Not a word, was uttered. That’s what happens to those cocks who used to make a lot of noise, after they’re caponed – they can’t even croak!! For the reorganisation of the Security Forces to be taken away – along with immigration – what’s he left with? Controlling his 2am curfew? If he had a pair he would’ve resigned long before now.

But it’s precisely his ineffectualness when it comes to exercising real power that impels him to throw his weight around. Not on PNC supporters, mind you, just on hapless folks who look like him!! And so it was this disgrace to Berbice, could instruct Police to show he has “power”! But the Divisional Commander has already declared that the order to shut down the flag-raising ceremony didn’t come from him. So an investigation must immediately be launched to find the smoking gun, or, in this case, the spiteful, petulant mouth!

The Security Minister cannot get involved in operational matters – and this was definitely an operation!! Remember how Ramjattan went after Rohee after the Linden protest killings? He demanded Rohee be fired since he claimed the latter passed on instructions in that operation.

Well, what is sauce for the hen is sauce for the (caponed) cock! And the Opposition must immediately introduce a motion in Parliament to have Ramjattan step down.
After all, they might actually be doing him a favour since it looks like his castration by the PNC has pushed him over the edge!


“You live and you learn”! Your Eyewitness always accepted this bit of folk wisdom. And lo and behold he learnt something from an unlikely source – Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, about Mashramani.  He was quoted by the authoritative voice of the Government – the Chronic: “Mash is a distinctive product of West Africa… but we have made Mashramani something special because we have added all the different cultures.”

Now here your Eyewitness had learnt in school that Mash was invented in Linden. And while that township became almost exclusively populated by people of African descent after the ethnic cleansing of 1964, he wasn’t aware it was in West Africa!! But of course, for a man with all that exposure to European culture, Greenidge could’ve been speaking metaphorically – to wit, that ELEMENTS of Mash were of West African origin.

But then wouldn’t it have been better to name it something like “Homowo Festival” of the Ga people – of which plenty came here?

That meant “jeering at hunger” – after hard work and a good harvest!

…Jubilee stands

So what’ll it be? We’ll be spending millions every year to stave off the wood ants from feasting on Jubilee stadium?

And yet the Auditor General is not supposed to enquire into the “Private Company” that built it from donations.

And the Education Minister was a member of the Board.


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