EYEWITNESS: Reprimand…


…on the hussy bully

David Granger fired former Chancellor of the Judiciary Cecil Kennard from the Police Complaints Office, ostensibly because he was too old — about 80 years. But Granger’s action was exposed for the witch-hunting it was by two sets of events, one retrospective and the other prospective. Kennard had been extremely active in his position, suggesting all kinds of changes – like demanding more investigators, and travelling to all the other regions to take complaints. And then, right after dumping Kennard, Granger went and unilaterally appointed a fella older than Kennard – James Patterson – to a position a hundred times more demanding – Chair of GECOM.

Well, fast forward two years and Kennard is appointed as a one-man CoI to look into the handling of a no-confidence motion against Town Clerk Royston King, which questioned King’s qualifications and suitability for his appointment. Well, the PNC-led administration found out to their cost that the mild-mannered and unassuming Kennard might talk softly, but he carries a big stick. The Mayor – who was finally on the stand – argued that there was nothing wrong in accepting the opinion of ROYSTON KING’S LAWYER that the motion against his client wasn’t valid!

So, as is her wont, she began to bluster to defend her contention, as if she was a stranger to the foundation of western adversarial-based jurisprudence: that a lawyer is supposed to be representing his client’s interest, not that of his interlocutors!! Looking directly at the bellicose Mayor, Kennard said firmly, “Take that sort of attitude to City Hall; not here! You are attempting to be rude! Can you shut up and listen to the questions?”!!

Following that reprimand which rocked the Mayor, Kennard repeatedly asked her in an incredulous tone whether she didn’t see the conflict of interest in accepting unreservedly the advice of King’s lawyer, and using it as the basis of having the motion scrapped!! Even her lawyer had to accept that it was a violation of natural justice for the Mayor not to seek independent legal advice.

But the bullyism that the Mayor had started out with against Justice Kennard has become her trademark ever since she succeeded her mentor and bullyism exemplar Hamilton Green as Mayor. She was a harridan! She used her office to browbeat everyone who objected to the pillage and looting of the coffers of City Hall by her and her cronies, such as King. Imagine, the woman had the temerity to walk around with TWELVE BODYGUARDS to slap down anyone who wasn’t intimidated by her haranguing!

Well, there are four other issues that she will have to testify on. Watch Kennard put her in her place.
He’s not an old man…he’s “old school”!!

…on Nagamootoo’s shill

This week, Nagamootoo didn’t write his column for the Chronic (fiction can be taxing!!) but his shill didn’t disappoint. He wrote enough crap for the two of them!! Purporting to defend his AFC executive Ramjattan and the Police against charges they were using questionable “statistics” to hoodwink the public that crime was DECREASING when in actuality it was RISING actually confirmed the accusations about their “lies, damned lies and statistics”!!

The shill — who doubles as Nagamootoo’s water boy and general factotum — asserted that the “murder rate” was higher during the PPP administration!! “In 2001, it stood at 79 murders (relatively low). But in 2002, the rate jumped to 140 and then skyrocketed to 206 in 2003. The murder rate declined slightly thereafter, but still hit peaks of 153 in 2006 (the murder of a sitting minister Satyadeow Sawh); 168 in 2008 (the year of the Bartica, Lusignan and Lindo Creek Massacres).”

Ow man! Even Granger consistently refers to those times as “the troubles”!! It was when gunmen calling themselves “Freedom Fighters” attacked the state (Police) and civilians.

They called it “collateral damage.”

…on SOCU

You’d think big drug traffickers are part of “organised crime”, wouldn’t you?
So why they couldn’t catch the latest foreign bust? They’re too busy with political witch hunting!!


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