Eyewitness: Reconciliation…


…with PNC??

Now that the elections are (finally) over and the Ali Administration is getting on with the business of running the country, a lot of well-meaning folks are talking about “reconciliation”. And they aren’t talking about the accounting “reconciliation,” wherein you make sure your accounts are balanced; they mean between the people of Guyana, who’ve been split wider than the Grand Canyon over the elections’ rigging.

Now, you reconcile with somebody after one of you have done something to tee off the other, and then you want to “make up”, so y’all can get on with your lives.

As a fervid churchgoer in his otherwise dissolute youth, your Eyewitness dimly recollects the homilies on “reconciliation”. If he remembers correctly, four elements make up the sacrament of reconciliation, and they are essential for absolving sins: contrition, confession, satisfaction and absolution.

While your Eyewitness won’t break a lance over calling them “sins”, he’d rather using the term “wrongdoings” for what the PNC did during the counting and recounting of the ballots, after such an exemplary voting-day exercise by the people. After all, he was also taught that “the wages of sin is death”, and he doesn’t want to condemn anyone to death right now!! So, before there can be any “reconciliation” in Guyana, the PNC have to show some sort of contrition for the Mingo Manoeuvre – in which he conspired with others in the GECOM Secretariat to inflate their votes to show them winning the elections.

And to say that they had nothing to do with Mingo only makes the “wrong-doing” worse!!

As to whether the recount showed “anomalies” or not, they can’t change the fact that the exercise showed that Mingo played fast and loose with the Reg 4 SOPs!! Not admitting this is almost as bad as pretending that “private citizens” filed all those cases in the courts to delay the declaration for five months!! Especially when, in conversations, Granger let slip it was the PNC that did the dirty!! So, could he please show some contrition – even it’s by dropping on his knees in some church and whispering it to the priest??

That last part to the priest would be “confession”, and they assure us it’s “good for the soul”! But the priest would have to announce the confession to the Guyanese people, because they are the ones who were wronged and made to suffer. So, we move on to “satisfaction”, which is where the wrongdoer PNC would have to try to repair the harm of the offence. Here, it’s the blatant rigging attempt, which unfortunately can’t be “repaired”, but “penance” (sackcloth and ashes?) is suggested as a suitable substitute.

Absolution?? The Guyanese people will decide that in 2025!!

…between (PNC’s) words and deeds

The Ali Administration’s just over a week old, and so much dirt’s been exposed that it just makes one sick to the stomach. Just look at the amount of feather bedding the PNC practised in the truest sense of the economic term – which means just employing folks to do nothing but draw a salary and perks. As you might have guessed, the term “featherbedding” originally referred to any person who’s pampered or excessively rewarded.

But we shouldn’t be surprised, ever since Harmon excused the obscene 50% raise for Ministers: “so they wouldn’t steal”!! Ha!! That was a clear giveaway – he was projecting his own kleptomaniac tendencies; and once they were in office, nothing would be safe from their sticky fingers. But at least Harmon did his thing in the open. Granger, on the other hand, trawled the records of retired GDF squaddies in order to place hordes of them in every governmental institution you can think of.

Like Larry London, for whom the $600m from Durban Park wasn’t enough!!

…with Caricom

The PNC’s proud that Burnham was a founding member of Caricom, and really believed we’re a community – as in “family”.

So, after cussing them out “stinking”, will the PNC ever be able to look them in the eye??