EYEWITNESS: Rearguard actions…


…to cling to power

Your Eyewitness isn’t one to say, “I told you so”! Especially when what he told you it was as obvious as the nose on your face!! He’s talking about the Government pulling rabbits out of hats and turning cartwheels — and God knows what else — to delay the workings of the Constitution to schedule elections by end March! The latest rabbit was Ramjattan of the AFC demanding that there has to be a new voters’ list before any elections.

Now, since we know the present voters list is valid till the end of March, we can now see the method behind the madness of going to court on the basis of “half persons” etc. Even if the courts take a month to throw the cases out, elections will be pushed back beyond the (valid) line.

Ramjattan’s demand for a new voters’ list is very reminiscent of the ploy by Desmond Hoyte, after he finally acceded to the US demands to allow free and fair elections. In 1990, Hoyte initiated the registration process and, as we all know, elections weren’t conducted till 1992.

Lowenfield’s stonewalling requests to meet the Party Whips to discuss GECOM’s readiness is another foot being dragged!

Another prong being pushed is the claim that Charrandas was bribed. Having absolutely no evidence, and being obviously unable to produce any, the Police Commissioner joined the bribe claim with another, wherein Ramjattan has snitched to him about Charrandas seeking to buy gold from a dealer.

The COP wouldn’t reveal his source of information, even though Ramjattan had already blabbered to the Press that he’d been given info on the gold inquiry by Sidney Allicock. So we have the COP calling a Press Conference wherein he added absolutely nothing to wild claims made by the political directorate.

What came out from the presser was the COP is willing to further the PNC Government’s foot dragging agenda to influence the Court that there’s some fire behind all the smoke the Govt’s been blowing up everyone’ a**! What happened about all the talk of the Government having the name of the hotel in T&T where some unnamed TT businessman passed over millions of US to Charrandas??

The COP gratuitously (and sensationally) threw into the mix that Charrandas could be extradited from Canada for gold smuggling — if he gets evidence! Of course he could!

Charrandas could also be charged and extradited for the assassination of JFK – if evidence could be produced!!  The truth is: there’s no evidence; just “he seh and dem seh”!

Charrandas had already announced he was inquiring about gold purchases for a Canadian client. Beyond the COP “corroborating” this info, can he show that any gold was bought or shipped?

Expect, dear reader, more of this fake news in the months ahead.

…and delusion

The AFC’s in a deep funk over the confirmation of their “dead meat” status at the LGE! Party chairman Ramjattan tried to put a brave face on it, but ended up proving he’s severely delusional!!  He insisted that all is well in the coalition, with the PNC and the AFC should be getting the same 40% of the Cabinet they received in 2015!! Now if this were to happen, it would certify that the PNC have been given “typee” by the AFC!!

There’s no other explanation!! PNC types were already miffed at the 2015 allocation, since they knew the AFC didn’t deliver their promised 11%. So after the LGE showed they were now 4% and shrinking fast, they expect the status quo? Sheesh!!
Has Ramjattan been smoking some of Nugs from the new party of the same name?

…and City stench

New Georgetown “Mayor” Ubraj Narine was given a copy of the CoI into the rape of the City by some who’re obviously pulling his strings in the City Council. Not even reading the report, he declared, “There are little mishaps, yes.  But I believe every mistake [that was] made we can correct in the future.”
“Little mishaps”?


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