EYEWITNESS: Reaching out…


…for security

“Security” is such an omnibus term…and everyday it seems to pick up another dimension. We even hear about “happiness security” up North!! But we’re still stuck at the first stages of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where we agonise about our physical security so as not to get bopped on the heads as we grub for food, clothing and shelter!!

Anyhow, for over a couple of decades, the PPP government had been revamping and retooling the security sector, to little effect. The problem was the Burnhamite PNC, which preceded them, had created one of the largest “security sectors” in the world, comparatively speaking; so you’d think security was the last thing we’d be worried about. But since Burnham’s “security forces” were actually created for the maintenance and survival of his illegal regime, you can understand why ordinary folks felt their security actually decreased.

And we still haven’t recovered, and the PPP suffered because they couldn’t clean up that Augean stable. Folks didn’t want to hear about the Police being corrupt, or not taking orders, or whatever other excuse was offered to explain why they still had to be putting up more grilled windows and doors in their homes than Alcatraz!! The PPP even brought in foreign experts, the last experts being the British.  But they (the PPP) complained the British wanted to dilute our “sovereignty” – presumably since they were funding the reforms – and said, “Sorry, but no thanks.”

Now, at the last elections, the PNC-led coalition ran on a platform that – starting with their Presidential candidate David Granger — they were so chock-full of “security” experts, and they’d have our backs the moment the PPP was voted out, and they took over. But here we are – two-and-a-half years down the road — and Guyanese are still cowering behind their (grilled) doors and windows!!

To make matters worse, the PNC government have brought back the same Brits and resuscitated the plan the PPP had abandoned. What gives? Well firstly, the Minister they put in charge of “Public Security” – which they presumably changed from “Home Affairs” because they wanted him to be clear about his remit – focused more than anything on the closing time for bars!! Clearly, he was still thinking about HIS “Home Affairs”, since he was known to be a habitué of watering holes!!

Secondly, the PNC government seem more interested in going after the PPP by funding and training (by the same British!) a whole alphabet-soup of “corruption” outfits – SOCU, SARA, CANU, etc.

But the unkindest cut of all was the riposte of the British on citizens’ security;
“We’ve got to wait till the oil money starts flowing!!”

…to workers

This is SUCH a caring government, isn’t it? A tear rolled down your Eyewitness’s stubbled cheek when he read about Ministers Trotman and Broomes rushing over to give government’s comfort (and succour?) to the 500-odd bauxite workers of Kwakwani, whose jobs were POSSIBLY threatened due to an edict of Trump against RUSAL’s owner. They even buried the hatchet with trade unionist Lincoln Lewis – who’d been given the bum’s rush from the Chronic!! – and brought him along to give comfort and succour.

Now this wasn’t easy jaunt…since Kwakwani is miles and miles up the Berbice River. In fact, they could’ve brought along Trotman’s father, Justice Trotman, to take a peek at the Lindo Creek (cold) crime scene, since it’s just a stone’s throw away!! Your Eyewitness wondered what was different about the 1700 sugar workers at Wales, who were not just THREATENED about losing their jobs, but were actually FIRED – but yet the subject Minister didn’t even visit.
Was it because Wales is just across the river from his office!!??

…to touch Trump

Or was it a slap? It was certainly shades of the imperious De Gaulle when the incumbent French President – young Macron – lectured Trump and the US on their responsibility to the world!


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