EYEWITNESS: Power means…


…never having to say “sorry”

our Eyewitness still can’t get over what’s going down in Guyana: “Cry, our beloved country”. It’s become so overused that it’s become trite, but that doesn’t make Marx’ observation that history – and its players – repeating itself any less true. First as “tragedy” but then as “farce”. Not a “farce” because it’s “ha ha” funny, but because it’s clear that most of us never learn. We keep on doing the same thing over and over again – and think we’ll get a different result.

Between 1964 and 1985, what we had was a constitutional dictatorship. But it wasn’t erected overnight, was it? And it wasn’t erected at night when we were all asleep, was it? So why are we allowing it to be repeated today in bright daylight?? The UF hated the PPP more than anything and decided to team up with the PNC to throw out those “wicked communists”.

They were supposed to keep the PNC on the straight and narrow, but before they knew what hit them, Burnham had bought out several of D’Aguiar’s MP’s and could do as he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted!! What’s different now with the AFC?? How many of the “AFC MP’s” can Moses Nagamootoo and Ramjattan count on?? We don’t even have to read between the lines??

By the time D’Aguiar decided to walk out on Burnham when he saw the preparations for rigging – “too late!!” was the cry. Your Eyewitness is positive that the two cuckolded AFC big-wigs won’t even walk out like D’Aguiar did. These are fellas who’ve succumbed to the morass of hate and greed and can’t even see straight.

But worse that the political betrayal – which wasn’t in any way unexpected, since that is the nature of THAT beast! – is what’s playing out in the Judicial realm. Your Eyewitness might be going on like a broken record about the need for the Judiciary to stand firm – but trust him, he knows of what he speaks. Man’s long crawl from the jungle where might was right and the strong ruled the weak, was basically the institutions we invented to ensure that no one person would have sole control of power.

In governance, the Americans gave us “separation of powers” which meant that the Legislature and the Judiciary would act as “checks and balances” against the always potentially dictatorial Executive! But in Guyana, the Executive already controls the Legislature and the Judiciary is that last barrier to dictatorship.

So, when the President sides with his AG to disrespect the Judiciary, it means we’re on a very slippery slope. We all have to stand behind our young Judiciary!!

…embarrassing the Opposition at will

OK…A whole lotta people thought the PPP Government played fast and loose with their fiduciary responsibility to the people of Guyana. But this happens with every government, doesn’t it?? We don’t even have to go to other jurisdictions – look what’s happened in only two years of the PNC-led APNU/AFC Government!! And they KNEW folks were looking at them!! But that doesn’t excuse the PPP, does it? Even the two former PPP Presidents acknowledged wrongdoing HAD to’ve occurred (it wasn’t a government of “angels”!) and called for justice to be done.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Justice demands a fella be assumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. But what we’re seeing is a naked exercise of power where the Government is charging ex-PPP personnel knowing fully well, there will be no conviction! It all about embarrassing the “enemy”. Take the law books charges against the former AG? Was that really necessary?

And now the GRDB Board. Sheesh!!

…taking them for all they got

The Muckraker spilled the beans on some “Pandits” from India who were bilking (and milking) the gullible natives dry.

What about those Pastors over at the old Strand Cinema?? If they’re for real, we don’t need those billion-dollar pharma contracts from ANSA, do we??!!


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