EYEWITNESS: PNC’s threats…


…to Guyana’s peace

Yesterday, the PNC issued a press release for which they took off their gloves and masks – literally and figuratively – in these COVID times. They decided to tell the world in so many words they ain’t letting go of power, come hell or high water. Hitting a most truculent note, they declared they don’t give a hoot who tells them they legally lost the elections – even if it’s the highest Court in the land, the CCJ. They’re in power; who don’t like that can take a hike.

What else could they be saying when they announce they’re gonna “ensure that fraudulent votes cannot be factored in” by GECOM to make a declaration?? Hasn’t the CCJ already decided — after hearing all the arguments they threw up to the Chief Justice, and which she threw out! — that the Recount votes are the valid votes that must be used for the declaration?? The only thing left for Granger to say to the CCJ is – like he once told the Chief Justice after a ruling he didn’t like – that “she has her perception and I got mine”!!

But why are we wasting time on this matter?? Your Eyewitness has been saying this from day one, hasn’t he?? He repeats it not to gloat…well, maybe a tad! – but for us, the Guyanese people, to prepare for the worst. Which is what the PNC always deliver!! And the worst was raised by the PNC when they said, “The APNU+AFC Coalition…WITH A VIEW TO MAINTAINING STABILITY AND PEACE, remains open to dialogue with other political parties and stakeholders on the way forward for our country.”

What’s threatening “peace and stability” in Guyana today if not the PNC refusing to accept the Recounted valid votes and exit stage left?? So, what they’re saying is that unless the PPP and other parties sit down to bargain with them, there will be “war and instability”. That’s it…plain and simple, if brutal. But that’s how the PNC operate! What is there to discuss with the PNC?? The PNC went into an election in which there had to be a winner and a loser based on the votes cast by the people. And from the numbers already totalled up from the Recount, THE PNC LOST!!

And they have to go!! As to whether the Opposition should sit down with them is a matter for them. But your Eyewitness agrees with the Opposition Leader, who questioned the wisdom of sitting across the table from these blatant bandits. When they won the elections in 2015 with the same lineup, did they sit down to “dialogue” with the PPP??

The Opposition have to call the PNC’s bluff. They’ll fold like an empty paper bag.

…and the courts

Another day…another appearance in court!! Seems that’s what life in Guyana has boiled down to after the March 2 elections. And this following Basil Williams and Karen Cummings’s outrageous litany of lies to the OAS Permanent Council on Tuesday, when they were told – in no uncertain words – that the Granger Government was holding Guyana hostage and they should quit wasting the court’s time and allow GECOM to make its declaration.

But even as the OAS was conducting its meeting, the PNC had slinked back into the Appellate Court to appeal the Judgement of Chief Justice Roxane George. If this wasn’t giving the middle finger to another international body, then your Eyewitness doesn’t know what is. But this is now crunch time for our Appellate Court. Back in the day, the PNC had literally flown their flag over this building to signal their contempt of the judiciary.

By questioning the CCJ’s judgement, this is what the Court of Appeal knows they’re doing once again.

And they have to draw a line.