Eyewitness: PNC raising temperature…


…in the courts

Now, you know this article has nothing to do with “climate change”, don’t you?? Nah, your Eyewitness is talking about the tension rising in Guyana with those extremists in the PNC camp throwing fuel in every kind of fire they can find – political, racial, cultural, and God knows what else.

They’ve dragged the courts into the political realm, and unfortunately tarnished the reputation of the only institution that stands between us and the law of the jungle. The latest drama was filing private criminal charges against GECOM Chair Claudette Singh on a number of claims that have to do with the Recount and the declaration.

Now, my friends, even us non-lawyer types would’ve exclaimed, “Hold it!! Weren’t those matters already hauled through the courts?” While the more diligent observers of recent news would’ve muttered, “Res Judicata!!”

But these PNC types are sooo transparent!! Which is inevitable when you already know what they’re trying to do with every move they make: delay the declaration!! They know that the Appellate Court will deliver its judgement today, and it will be for the Chair to proceed full speed ahead and make her declaration. But tomorrow’s a holiday, and then comes the Emancipation weekend, and the earliest date GECOM could meet would be Monday, Aug 3rd. But even if a meeting is scheduled by the Chair for that day, the Government Commissioners can prevent a quorum by absenting themselves. And that puts the next meeting for the 5th, when she has to appear in the Magistrate’s Court on these new charges!!

Now, some say the DPP should intervene – as she can legally do – to examine the charges and decide that they’re not worthy of being prosecuted, and throw them out. But, really, folks, do you see this DPP doing that?? Not in this life, and not in this rising temperature!! But even if she does, in the meantime, of course, the PNC would be proceeding to the CCJ, res judicata or no res judicata! They would’ve counted on the CCJ going on their scheduled vacation for two months – giving them a free pass to keep on squatting till October. They must’ve been bent out of shape when the CCJ announced they’d come out for this important case!!

But, more likely than not, the case against the Chair in the Magistrate’s Court would go forward, and the matter would be committed to the High Court, and the carousel will keep on going around and around!!

So, what’s the end game? Some say the PNC’s counting on Biden on winning in November, and he’ll look more favourably on their rigging under the suasion of the Black Democratic caucus!

Any port in a storm, no?

…on the airwaves

Granger has been notoriously averse to facing journalists. He’s literally only had five press conferences – a literal handful!! – in the five years he’s been in the Presidency!! Yet he’s appeared three times in one month on the internet radio station that’s the Guyanese version of Radio Rwanda – hosted by this Benschop fella who’s consumed by such bitter hatred even Corbin called him “The Wild Man”!

Normally, your Eyewitness wouldn’t even give fellas like these the time of the day, but after Granger gave him his blessings, he’s become semi-official – knocking out the Egg Ball fella for Govt thinking.

Well, the other day, the Wild Man had Lincoln the Loud as his guest, and they revealed where Granger’s going with this stonewalling. The Wild Man announced that AS AN EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT, GRANGER IS ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION and can do whatever he wants!!

Lincoln the Loud phrased it a bit differently: Granger has EXECUTIVE POWERS, through the Constitution, which permit him to overturn any declaration of GECOM’s!!

Now, all of this makes sense, doesn’t it?? Granger expects to rule like Burnham!!

…on the ground

Some PNC types have gotten restless since they’ve been out of the limelight with the courts in centre-stage.

Expect them to be out in force this Emancipation weekend, stirring up the troops!