Eyewitness: PNC palace coup…


…fallout continues

As the soap opera in the PNC continues with their public histrionics, all sorts of conspiracy theories are being floated to make sense of what we’re seeing. Okay, everyone expected some drama after the way they finally ended their 5-month siege of the Presidency: with a whimper, and not the bang that was their usual style!! Remember what followed elections in 1992 and later?? The PNC’s post-elections script was always “The Fire this time!!”

Well, now they seemed to’ve turned the heat inwards rather than outwards, and your Eyewitness isn’t surprised folks want to know what’s really going on. Are we really seeing a kinder, gentler PNC for real?? Can leopards really change their stripes?? We shall see; but, in the meantime, not only can we breathe a bit easier, but we can even engage in that most satisfying of emotions described so well by its German expression – schadenfreude!! You know, that warm glow you feel at someone else’s misfortune – especially when that someone else has been making your life miserable!!

So, what’s the latest scuttlebutt from the PNC camp?? Well there’s a lot of head-scratching going on at some of Granger’s moves. And some are wondering whether in fact the moves are his. With him staying out of Parliament and taking down the entire front bench of the old-line PNCites like Volda and Norton, it’s clear the way’s being made for Harmon to become the big enchilada in the House.

And this raises the question once again: Is Harmon really the puppet master, and not the puppet?? From the beginning, in 2015, there was suspicion that Harmon was doing his own thing and calling his own shots. With both him and Granger coming out of the military, it was unbelievable that a mere Colonel would get away with all the hijinks he pulled and still live to tell about it. Remember that trip to China??

Then, of course, during the five-month elections heist, there was Harmon unilaterally hiring a Washington Lobbyist, with Granger not just being unaware, but listed as an American citizen!! What makes this scenario more plausible is that Harmon’s ascension deguts the assumption (of your Eyewitness and others) that Granger left out Volda and Broomes and others of that ilk because he wants to get rid of their ghetto behaviour.

But Harmon is as ghetto as – if not more than – anyone of them! And this is why Your Eyewitness believes that Granger’s still calling the shots. It’s not that he has anything against ghetto behaviour – just not himself, thank you!

It’s just that he wants his own ghetto element!!

…and their facilitators

There’s been a whole lot of dirt on the salaries and perks on the Government’s payroll – of so many PNCites who did absolutely nothing but party work. Did you hear the one about Raphael Trotman getting tetchy about Carol Joseph being described as a “petroleum advisor” in his ministry?? He explained that she was paid all right, but as an “auxiliary District Compliance Officer”!! Unfortunately, he didn’t explain what that “job” entailed…but going by her behaviour during the GECOM recount, one doesn’t need much imagination to figure that one out!!

Then there’s Tacuma Ogunseye, who was in SARA. Surely, the new Govt should reveal what this WPA and ACDA ideologue did, other than sending off those longwinded missives to the press defending the APNU/AFC peccadilloes. Is he still on the payroll? Cause he just had one published about the US having a quid quo pro to oust the PNC from Government so they could use us as a base to take out Maduro!!

But not a word that Mingo screwed with those SOPs!!

…and a cardboard party

Jailall Sharma just quit politics. In January, he’d quit JFAP, joined APNU, saying he had a dream that “David will slay Goliath PPP.” In July, he said, “For it is written that I shall serve HE President David Arthur Granger, and him only shall I serve.”

What happened?