EYEWITNESS: Playing around…


…with crime numbers

To say the Police Force has a credibility problem would be the understatement of the year. What with daily revelations of Cops and ex-Cops involved in robberies, murder, carjackings, extortion (at traffic stops) etc etc…you’d have a hard time distinguishing between the Cops and the robbers!! And it doesn’t help that the Police Complaints Authority building was broken into and robbed of its computers. Is your Eyewitness paranoid to suspect it may be an “inside job” looking for files?? Have they even replaced Justice Kennard as head?

Anyhow, the Police just released their stats on “serious” crimes for last month, compared to last January. And of course the point of the whole exercise was to announce that “serious” crimes are down 19 per cent!! Are they serious?? Who’d they think they’re fooling? Not the Americans and Brits who – during that same month when crime was supposedly plunging precipitously – warned their citizens in Guyana to take special precautions because of the crime wave!! And be assured since the Brits are the driving force behind Police Reform, they have hard data to back up their warning!!

But for what it’s worth (no much!!) let’s look at what the Police concocted. First of all let’s examine what they call “serious” crimes. Murder’s serious…but that remained identical. Robberies under arms (firearms) remained the same astronomically high 45. “Robberies with violence” is serious…and that ROSE by 45 per cent!! But guess what? The Police included “larceny from person” as a “serious” crime and that FELL by 50 per cent!! To wipe out the rise!!

Now you know the Police is messing with our heads, don’t you?? “Larceny from the person is when the goods are taken directly from the person but without any violence or intimidation.” How can the Police give the same “value” in their calculations to the seven murders and the six “larceny from person”?? So the fella “thief” your sheep…it’s a crime all right.

Or more pertinently so is the Traffic Cop shaking you down for a “Granger”. But is it what we, the ordinary citizen think about when we think of “serious” crimes?? In fact, in England, where our laws originated, they’ve abolished the crime of larceny and broken it down into the other categories our Police state separately, such as robbery and robbery under arms etc!!

Let’s face it dear readers, we’re concerned about “serious” crimes that expose us to personal danger – aren’t we?? And from the Police own figures – which your Eyewitness has some serious concerns – those crimes have certainly not decreased by any 19 per cent.
So imagine if the real numbers – which the Brits must’ve seen – were released!!
And this Govt’s supposed to be the “law and order” mavens!!

…with love

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us and hopefully Cupid has put away his bow and arrows for a while, your eyewitness hopes APNU and AFC will get their act together. In Guyana, domestic violence is a serious thing and these two national entities aren’t setting a good example on how a marriage should unfold.

They started out well like very modern couples when they announced their “pre-nuptial” Accord, brokered in the ward of Cummingsburg.

But from there onwards it’s been all downhill. The bride got absolutely nothing she was promised. And very sadly, has had to remain quiet for fear of having her spending money and credit cards taken away. But the pre-nup had a clause mandating after three years, there has to be a new agreement.

Your Eyewitness suggests the AFC should now file for divorce…since from the actions of APNU, they clearly have some fresh young “meat” in sight, claiming the AFC’s “dead meat”.
The property acquired during the marriage will have to apportioned equally for alimony.
Fifty per cent of oil revenues??

…with rice

No here it was, the Administration’s boasting about ALL the rice produced had found markets.

So could they please inform Panama it has to PAY for the rice and paddy shipped??


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