EYEWITNESS: Passive-Aggressive…



“Prime Minister” Nagamootoo has been reduced by President Granger – the leader of the PNC – to writing a column for the Chronicle. Being the passive-aggressive personality he is, however, rather than confronting Granger directly over the latter’s failure to even honour the SPIRIT of the Cummingsburg Accord, much less its LETTER, he’s resorted to displaying his displeasure veiledly in his column.

What’s a “Passive-aggressive personality”, you ask, dear reader? Ahhh…it’s the behavioural repertoire of the child who’s smacked down so frequently by his parents – or other authority figures – for “talking back”, that he resorts to showing his anger towards them in surreptitious ways.

More specifically, Nagamootoo is a “circuitous negativist” who displays opposition “…in a roundabout, labyrinthine, and ambiguous manner, e.g., procrastination, dawdling, forgetfulness, inefficiency, neglect, stubbornness, indirect and devious in venting resentment and resistant behaviours.”

Now that we have his clinical background, we can understand why he never took on fellas like Jagdeo directly in the PPP executive when he was convinced he should’ve been leader, but rather always sabotaged the party’s work through his slackness. But back to his present-day passive-aggressive behaviour in his column towards Granger. We all know Granger isn’t just a follower of Burnham, but a DEVOTEE who’s paid his hero the greatest compliment by swearing to complete his legacy! Who else but a devotee would want to complete a legacy of such unmitigated failure and disaster!!

In his column, Nagamootoo reminded us that, back in the sixties, tyrants and petty dictators – who then abounded – were referred to as “gorillas”. Now, before jumping aboard the PNC-coalition ship, Nagamootoo had consistently denounced Burnham as a “dictator”…and fully well  knew that Walter Rodney had dubbed Burnham as the biggest gorilla of them all – KING KONG!! It was an insult Burnham never forgot – next to Rodney’s other name for him and his pretentions about using the royal colour purple – King Midas. Unlike Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold, Burnham turned things into sh*t – thereby eventually turning the entire Guyana into a sh*thole.

So, Nagamootoo’s reference to “tyrants-as-gorillas” is a circuitous dig at Granger for the latter not even deigning to let him know whether the PNC will rescue the AFC at the LGE!!

Another passive-aggressive dig by Nagamootoo was his reference to the adulation of the progressive left back in the sixties for REAL revolutionaries like Che Gueverra, who were willing to FIGHT for their principles; unlike Burnham – who craved that adulation – yet sold out to the “imperialists” to be put into office!!

In declaring he “embraced Che”, Nagamootoo would have us believe he was a revolutionary “guerrilla” who would “hit and run”.

Sadly, all Nagamootoo could do was run!!

…and coalition fissures

On the same day the AFC announced it was tired of waiting for PNC-leader Granger to give them the time of the day – much less whether his party would go to the LGE polls with them — Nagamootoo declared the PNC-led Coalition “formidable”!! David Hinds – whose party, WPA, is also in the coalition — showed Nagamootoo was whistling strenuously in the dark when he revealed the coalition’s one only in name, since the members don’t meet to discuss, much less vote, on issues!!

Now, not a single Guyanese would be surprised by Hinds’s contradiction of Nagamootoo, but what some folks do wonder is: why would he reduce himself to parroting such blatant excuses for the PNC’s paramountcy in the coalition? Is his compulsion to “get back” at Jagdeo so deep he’d humiliate himself at this stage of his life?

Does he, for instance, really believe talks on coalition between PPP and PNC led to a “new political culture” based on “consultation and inclusivity”??
Is this what Hoyte’s “mo fyaah; slow fyaah” was about?

…on Jagdeo

It is sick that the old boys network in the Caribbean – after going along with the farce of Burnham’s elections rigging for two decades – would now sing from the same hymnbook in the CCJ’s decision.

It’s the same ole, same ole.


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