EYEWITNESS: Out of the mouth…


…of the big enchilada

Readers would know what they say about “Freudian slips”! You know the truth, your listeners know the truth…but you can’t utter it for fear of embarrassing yourself.

So you open your mouth to tell the concocted tale, and out jumps the truth! Oooops!! Freudian slip!! So the Administration knew from day one since they stepped into the Government they’ve been staggering from one disaster to another. We can start with the appointment of Ministers, when after berating the PPP for years about having a top heavy Cabinet – the President goes on to practically DOUBLE the number of Ministers – creating the largest Cabinet in the history of Guyana!!

And then to rub salt into their supporters’ wounds, they then blithely proceed to give the said Ministers a 50 per cent raise in salary – while constraining Government workers (Ministers aren’t Government workers since they don’t WORK!) to a measly 10 per cent. An even bigger disaster, of course, was their (mis)handling of the economy. Prezzie had immediately made an impression when he described the mainstays of the economy as the “six-sisters” – gold, diamonds, sugar, rice, bauxite, and timber.

Recently, however, he changed that designation to “the six curses”!! Ooooo…can you believe this? Your Eyewitness has heard about “blaming the victim”, but this was ridiculous! When you take over a Government you’re supposed to steer the ship of State in a direction where the economy prospers, right? Well evidently not to this Government. It’s all the fault of the “sisters” who became “curses”!

Now this jettisoned responsibility isn’t just your Eyewitness’ conclusion – it’s the IFIs, which don’t issue their assessments lightly. So even the Muckraker – which is practically their handmaiden – was forced to announce: “Govt lacks strategic planning, vision at the highest level – IDB”!! Now that’s some indictment from an institution that’s obviously had it with this Administration being an all-round disaster.

It has to be frustrating to lend millions and millions of US dollars to a Government and find out they just CAN’T SPEND IT!!! Your Eyewitness just wishes he had such a problem!!
And this is really the bottom line on the disaster this Government represents. It really seems to believe that governing a country consists of merely uttering nice sounding homilies.

The Guyanese people need action, not talk.

…of a Cop breaking the Khaki Wall

Guyanese have become conditioned to the Police – of all stripes and colours – being a law unto themselves. In today’s paper alone were three egregious examples of Police high-handedness that amount to slam dunks on the heads of the Guyanese people. One citizen pointed to the blatant favouritism to friends and family (and superiors) who’re allowed to “jump the (long and labyrinthine) line” at the Demerara Harbour Bridge.
Another described the Kafkaesque situation of a minibus with five females being hauled to a Police station to “search for drugs” – just because one of the passengers DARED to ask the reason for the stop. That Policeman decided to show HER who was BOSS!! Who cares about “reasonable cause” for the stop!! Not OUR Police!!
But the third and most egregious was the report on a City Constable allegedly raping a young boy and then the City Council covering it up after one Policeman decided to do the right thing and file a report.
How sick have our officials become?

…of “our own”

Your Eyewitness is disheartened at the numbing silence of those activists who mobilised G/Town vendors against Town Clerk Carol Sooba for her efforts to regularise vending.

So the present Town Clerk’s even greater transgressions against vendors are OK because he’s one of our own?


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