…in the good, ole US of A

The congressional delegation that visited us – albeit rather briefly – was interesting for any number of reasons. Some folks were miffed at the “secrecy” of their arrival. But hey!! Did they expect an OFFICIAL US delegation to announce their security details to every Tom, Dick and Maduro terrorist out there, with a grudge against Uncle Sam??

While we might’ve gotten used to our “big-wigs” advertising their arrival with “welcoming parties”, unless we can provide real security to REAL VIPs, expect them to slip in and out, under the radar!

Then this was a CONGRESSIONAL delegation, having substantive discussions with our GOVERNMENT!! Did you even hear about a PARLIAMENTARY delegation conducting such talks at that level – even though we also boast about a SEPARATION of powers between our branches of Government?? Fact is, unlike Parliament, the US Congress has real power that its members can flex through its various committees.

The delegation was headed by Bob Goodlatte who’s chair of the VERY powerful House Judiciary Committee. In a climate where talk of impeaching President Trump is flying fast and furious, this is the Committee that has jurisdiction over the move. In fact, Goodlatte, even though a hard-core Republican, received quite a lot of flak from colleagues when he refused to support moves some years back to impeach President Obama!!

Goodlatte’s a strong supporter of President Trump’s immigration policy and in his crucial position has held several hearings on the expulsion of illegal immigrants. He, however, announced last year he won’t be seeking re-election in November, when his term comes to an end. He’s had quite a long run, having entered the Congress from Roanoke, Virginia since 1992. Even this has traditionally been a ‘red’ Republican state, Goodlatte clearly saw the tide changing when a Democratic Governor carried Virginia last year.

In fact, after he announced his stepping down, his son, Robert Goodlatte Jr announced he was contributing the maximum monetary campaign contribution allowed from an individual to a DEMOCRATIC candidate!! He even encouraged several friends to do the same!! He said he felt after a Republican holding the seat so long, it was time for a change!! That’s democracy inside the family for you!!

Junior took his internecine rebellion a step further after his father questioned the patriotism of a now fired high-level FBI agent in the ongoing “Russia-Trump” investigations when he tweeted: “I’m deeply embarrassed that Peter Strzok’s career was ruined by my father’s political grandstanding. That committee hearing was a low point for Congress.”
But all’s well in the family since your Eyewitness saw Junior’s name as part of the delegation!!
Maybe he’ll inspire Guyanese to look beyond family/ethnicity in 2020??

…in Guyana

Remember that old stateside rhyme we learnt as kids: “Chick in the car and the car can’t go./ That’s how you spell Chi-ca-go”? Well for us in Guyana the ditty should be: Chicks in the car and the car can’t go./ That’s how you spell Police shake-down”!! Did you read about that Policeman hauling that fella transporting 600 chicks in his car to the Police Station for ‘overtaking on a solid yellow line’? He refused the man permission to roll down his windows in the burning sun. Of course, all the chicks perished!

But that’s just a particularly egregious ending to something that’s happened to most of us, hasn’t it? Being pulled over an innocuous traffic violation and then dragged to the station like a common criminal! While other violators are allowed to proceed. It’s just a ploy for a shakedown…and more often than not, the latter have paid up.
Now every Police official; every Public Security Minister and every lawmaker know about this. So why don’t they make it a ticket-able offence?
They don’t get hauled in!

…with Trotman

Now why would Trotman tell the congressional delegation that Guyana won’t nationalise Exxon’s oil operations?

Does he want to remind the US, Burnham had nationalised Reynold’s Bauxite, which was also from Texas??


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