EYEWITNESS: Not removing… the (PNC) plank


So, the PNC and their cohorts are girding up their loins to “expose, oppose and depose” the PPP Government – even as they try to do the same to their erstwhile leader, David Granger. Maybe it’s a more intense form of Burnham’s socialist dogmatic “criticism and self-criticism”?? But your Eyewitness is completely flummoxed by the complete lack of shame in these people, because what they are “exposing” is nothing but a projection of their own betrayals when they were in office, starting in 2015!!

Take their accusations that the PPP’s spending billions to reopen the shuttered sugar estates. Hey!! Didn’t the PPP make this explicit commitment before they were elected, and gave reasons why?? Unlike the PNC coalition that promised to save sugar, established a CoI to guide them…but ignored the latter’s recommendations and unilaterally closed 4 estates! And yet floated that $30BILLION bond to restructure the industry, but just fixed up the LBI as a senior staff club and pool for their weekend romps!! While repaying billions in interest!!

They also kvetch about “PPP’s firings in the Public Service” and using contract workers. But didn’t they also fire all the PPP’s contract workers and rehired their own to the tune of FOUR TIMES the dismissals?? What happened to their then explanations that they wanted folks who were simpatico with their thinking??

They’re also accusing the PPP of not “consulting with them”. Well, when the PPP filed an elections petition against the declared 2015 results, did they go around refusing to “recognise” the PNC coalition Government and saying they’re illegal?? No siree, Bob!! Did they cuss out the Courts for not even hearing their petition before the coalition’s five years were up and the point became moot??

Then there are the accusations of “corruption” against the PPP in their first year in office, and their “scapegoating” of PNC’s officials for land giveaways and accepting bling, etc!

How different are these as opposed to the accusations when they slid into power about the PPP’s previous 23 years in office? Didn’t they file charges against PPP officials? Were they able to secure even a SINGLE conviction?? You bet your bottom dollar they didn’t!! Because the charges were all trumped up – unlike the ones the PPP have just filed! They also scream about “nepotism” and “cronyism”. Have they forgotten all the scholarships to insiders (including 2 sitting Ministers!!) and their children?? And let’s not forget about land giveaways, like at Millie’s Hideout etc!! Can make a man play around with SOPs!!

Or the composition of their Boards?? Your Eyewitness quotes from just ONE headline that screamed, “massive shake up of state entities including the GUYSUCO, GPL, GUYOIL, NIS, GRDB and NICIL by the new (APNU/AFC) administration”!!!
The PNC’s hypocrisy knows no bounds!!

…PNC’s racism

Let’s face it…charges of racism are the powder keg that can blow Guyana out of the water more explosively than charges of dynamite. And knowing this fully well after their sordid history of dividing Guyana along racial lines, the PNC should be condemned even more harshly for playing the race card once again. Now, before your Eyewitness proceeds any further, since this term “racism” is bandied about so casually nowadays, he’d better define it, so that we’re all on the same page. Okay?

He uses the definition of Stokely Carmichael, the coiner of “Black Power”, who posited that racism isn’t just prejudice, and is not confined to individual interactions. Rather, it is found in societal patterns and structures that oppress certain groups on the basis of race or ethnicity. And when you look at it this way, wasn’t it racism when the PNC rigged elections for 28 years to exclude Indian-Guyanese from power?

And tried it again in 2020?

…racist actions

Those wanting more concrete examples of PNC’s racism just consider Nagamootoo and Ramjattan’s castration versus the testosteroning of Trotman and Patterson.

And their 16 out of 17 Permanent Secretaries who were African-Guyanese.