EYEWITNESS: Not playing ball…


…on Human Rights

We all know of the rich kid who owns the cricket bat…and if he doesn’t get to be at the crease as long as he wants, then he goes home – WITH his bat!! The other kids are helpless, since there’s at least a CHANCE they’ll get to play once he’s around. Maybe he’ll get tired of batting?? With Donald Trump at the helm of the US, in addition to his actual pouting in public, it’s clear he sees himself as the rich kid with the bat…AND the ball!!

He just pulled out the US from the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)…following doing the same from COP 25 on Climate Change and his unilateral imposition of tariffs on aluminium and steel – which may just set off a trade war to end all trade wars. And of course, when the elephants fight, it’s sh*thole countries like Guyana that gets stomped further into faecal matter. And that ain’t no laughing matter.

But this quitting the UNHRC is in a class by itself. Every year, the US issues its report on the status of human rights in countries across the globe – including, as we know to our cost, our dear old mudland. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the irrelevance of the litmus test that authorised the US to intervene in any country that tested “red” – like Guyana circa 1961-1992 – its Human Rights Report gives them the “right” to tell countries to straighten up or else!! Remember TIP??

So what happens now? Do we now get a free pass on human rights abuses? Well, to answer that question, we need to look a bit more granularly at the reasons the US gave when they picked up their bat and ball and stormed out of the UNHRC’s playing field. Firstly, they complained that some named members of the 47-member UNHRC – Russia and China, etc – were thwarting the US’s efforts to “reform” the Council. Meaning, the US wanted to remove the need for a two-thirds General Council majority to expel a country for “human rights” abuse, which would make it easier for them to have their way!!

The second reason was the UNHRC was being “too harsh” on Israel because of “political bias”. That charge would’ve resounded much more rousingly if the US had also panned some of their allies such as Saudi Arabia for their violations against Yemen. Not to mention the US’ own actions in separating the children of illegals from their parents and keeping them in concrete holding pens!!
So will our Government be rapped on human rights abuses?? Not if they support the US down the line!!
It’s called “pragmatism”!!

…on sharing power

Remember when David Granger ran around the country, holding hands with Moses Nagamootoo promising once they won the elections he’ll make the Government “more inclusive” by sharing power?? Well, a heck of a lot of water has flowed under THAT bridge, hasn’t it? Is there ANYONE – even in the AFC – who still believes the PNC will share power?

Nagamootoo? Naaaah!! He may utter some inanities and genuflect in that direction, but he KNOWS he’s already sung his swan song as far as ever being anything but a ribbon-cutter and water boy!!

In the face of the clear abandonment of power-sharing by the PNC – assuming they ever EMBRACED it!! – Henry Jeffrey still believes the PPP should play the role of the willing and waiting bride!! Now if the PNC’s unwilling to share even one per cent real power with the AFC that brought in 11 per cent to take it over the line – why would it take aboard the PPP that controls 49 per cent of the electorate??

…with Trotman

After Exxon’s announcement of its eighth oil strike, Trotman – supposedly stripped of oil?  – complained about those who want “Guyana to begin embarking on an irresponsible spending and borrowing spree”.

Wasn’t it he who wanted monies from future revenues?


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