Eyewitness: Not just…



Your Eyewitness was quite chuffed to discover that State House was being repainted to its original colour of white walls and grass green louvres and mouldings. The Sanctimonious Gangster-as-President, of course, had the unmitigated gall to paint all the walls in “PNC green”, and when asked why, chuckled, “Guyana is going green!!” And the man who asserted he knew more about the laws of Guyana than the Chief Justice (re one of her judgements: “She has her perception and I have mine”!!) and was a historian to boot, had the barefacedness to say he didn’t know the permission of the National Trust was needed to repaint a Heritage Site!!

Now, while some may paraphrase the Bard and ask, “What’s in a colour? Does the green paint not cover the wood as well?” they’d be ignoring the context in which Granger operated. By his own assertion, he was a true-blue “Burnhamite” whose mission was to fulfill the PNC Dictator’s “legacy”. And that legacy’s foundation is that the PNC must be “paramount” over the state. Burnham had explicitly announced this in the “Declaration of Sophia”, and had flown the PNC flag over the Appeal Court to show the party was paramount over the Judiciary – as well as over the Legislature and Executive.

Granger was doing it through concrete actions, because of the changed context. And so the painting of state buildings was designed to send the same symbolic message: it was “PNC Uber alles!!!” This wasn’t just an afterthought, but was carefully planned even before the PNC took office in 2015. In the glitzy inauguration ceremony and the 50th Independence Celebration, everything in sight was green and yellow – the AFC was given a squeeze in the beginning! Even staunch PNC supporter Lincoln Lewis was moved to denounce the painting of State House in PNC colours, and pointed out that even the benches and desks at a school in Victoria were “desecrated” in green!!

It’s said that “The hint to Beneba mek Quashiba tek notice”, but most Guyanese ignored the hint. Only to witness how the PNC’s assumption that all of Guyana and everything in it belonged to them played out to 2020. For instance, the rules of democracy were just a “bother” to the planned “1000-year Reich”. It would be taken care of through elections riggings a la Burnham. Preparations were launched the moment he unilaterally selected Patterson as GECOM Chair!!

So, the repainting of State House in its original colours is more than just a paint job; it symbolises a return to the rule of law: no man or party can be above the law.
Now to review the electoral laws to ensure that the mark of the PNC is exorcised!

…GuySuCo’s money

An offhand discreet announcement that a US$$300 million bond for some company or other in Guyana was floated in the NYC capital markets reminded your Eyewitness about the NICIL’s SPU US$150 million bond secured locally through a consortium of local banks!! Guess it’s a sign of the (oil) times that Guyanese companies can now secure overseas private financing!! Goldman-Sachs yet!! We’re finally getting integrated into the high-flying world of the “Masters of the Universe” from Wall Street!!

But that’s grist for another mill. Today your Eyewitness wants to know whatever happened to that $30billion?? He remembers some of it had dribbled into GuySuCo, but since it was supposed to recapitalise the shuttered factories, the banks had protested!! Is all that money just sitting around, or is it being used in the reopening of the three estates? By now $2.3 billion in interest would’ve been paid, with another $1.5 billion to go in two years – when the full $30 billion is due!!
Something dirty’s gonna hit the fan?!!


Your Eyewitness must confess that he was livid that the mother of Neesa Gopaul and her paramour’s sentences were reduced. He doesn’t care the reduction might be moot.
What’s the message being sent?? Don’t cry for Neesa?