Eyewitness: Moving on…


…from the PNC?

Granger and Harmon (the Sanctimonious Gangster and his sidekick) are struggling to hold off the PNC Congress due this year. That, however, would certainly send them into oblivion IF the elections for the leadership were to be held fairly. That’s a big, big “if”, however! So, we can be sure the dyspeptic duo are feverishly beating the bushes (and the trenches) to ensure a repeat of the 2011 Congress. To wit, that first the PNC party groups send pliable delegates; and, as backup, in case they don’t, the counting is done by persons who graduated in Mingo’s math.

Further, there will have to be men with guns strategically placed among the delegates to signal to them that they’ll be dealt with “condignly” if upstarts like Norton raise objections. The latter, of course, had to stage a walkout with his Linden delegates when he was steamrolled by the rigged process. So as your Eyewitness has said before, he doubts the Sanctimonious Gangster and his henchman Harmon has the kind of support in the groups across the country to win any “free and fair” Congress elections.

So, he’ll hold out as long as he can on convening Congress, and work diligently on getting control of the electoral mechanism. Kinda like he did nationally by appointing the octogenarian James Patterson as GECOM’s Chairman. We – along with PNC members – should look out for the appointment of the Congress electoral committee. Having the gunmen at Congress won’t be a problem: his crony, Lil Joe, still has his contacts from the good old days in the GDF Intelligence Unit!

But what Granger S.G., should note is that the new faces he brought in to pad his support – like Hoyte had done after he kicked out Green – are jumping ship faster that those people on the Titanic after the captain ordered his helmsman “Full steam ahead!” into that iceberg! The AFCites, of course, have mostly gone AWOL, and the rest are imitating the “Walking Dead”. The “small parties” – brought in to pretend APNU was a coalition – have evaporated. Especially the WPA!!

But, most interestingly, even the small fry are taking that flying leap out of the PNC. Take one fervent supporter from the East Coast, a Pandit Tillack who (mis)quoted Sanskrit mantras from the campaign stage to widen Granger’s support. He was the fella who told our Indigenous Peoples on the launching of Amerindian Heritage Month that “paedophilia and statutory rape were a scourge” in their community!

Anyhow, he’s submitted his resignation “for reasons beyond (his) control”. A higher spirit? And “since there’s no (RDC) recall legislation…will continue to serve…until (he) vacates his seat”!
But will join any party as “his conscious (sic) dictates”! Such support!!

…with space exploration

Well, lifting his eyes from the gutter of PNC politics to Mars, named after the god of war, your Eyewitness felt literally uplifted. So what caused this frisson of excitement? The news that the US was able to fly a helicopter on the red planet, that’s what! As a Sci Fi buff, your Eyewitness was fed a steady diet of us colonising the “Evening Star”. Remember Edgar Rice Burroughs? He didn’t just churn out those Tarzan novels!

Anyhow, with COVID-19 hinting that our very existence might be threatened by these micro monsters, the above news is indeed a revolutionary step towards a possible solution – our extra-terrestrial survival. The reason is that up to now, the congenital wisdom is that the atmosphere of Mars – just 1% of ours – just wouldn’t facilitate winged flights, even though its gravity is 1/3 that of Earth’s.
But here it is, the 19” high helicopter with a double rotor 4 ft wingspan flew 10 ft up for 40 sec.
A miracle via technology!

…for passports

Your Eyewitness doesn’t buy this story that the long lines at the Passport Office are caused by the 100 daily limit imposed on issuing passports. He thinks remigrants from Venezuela and Suriname are regularising their status.
Welcome home!