Eyewitness: Licking his wounds…


…after being Voldarised

Granger’s first outing after his decapitation of the top ranks of the PNC – Volda Lawrence and Aubrey Norton comes to mind – was to file the long-promised “elections petition” in the Courts, after he’d suddenly thrown in the towel in his five-month war of rigging attrition. Kinda like Roberto Duran crying, “No mas! No mas! after being battered by Sugar Ray Leonard! The week before, however, PNC Chairwoman Volda Lawrence had to appear in the Courts to be charged with elections fraud…and it must’ve been humiliating for the Sanctimonious Gangster to see the handful of PNC supporters who’d turned up to signal their support for him compared to the multitudes that came out for Volda.

Granger must’ve realised that taking control of the PNC – through his proxy Joseph Harmon – was not going to be a cakewalk. Burnham could’ve pulled off such a “night of long knives” in the party without working up even a sweat  — but Granger clearly was no Burnham. Heck! He wasn’t even a Hoyte who’d also done some serious bloodletting after 1985! Georgetown was the heart and soul of the PNC: the sanctum sanctorum! What the heck was he going to do to save face? And with his “League of Coloured People” background, “face” meant a whole lot to him!!  And it wasn’t only the lack of support in GTown…prominent PNCites were openly calling, both in the Diaspora and at home, for his removal.

And this was the reason he was so truculent when the next week, the terrible news of the gruesome murder of Joel and Isaiah Henry took him to West Berbice to “commiserate” with the parents. Rather than sympathising with a grieving and angry community, Granger and Harmon chose to cynically and callously politicise the murders to bolster their own sinking fortunes. Granger wildly connected the murders to the political climate – and by extension hauling in the ethnic divisions that have plagued our country for decades. There wasn’t a shred of evidence for his assertion – or for sure, he would’ve made this public.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Murder, mayhem, robberies, beatings, destruction of property, especially vehicles at fiery roadblocks all brought traffic on West Berbice to a halt in the next four days. But as the nation was poised to careen over the precipice, Volda Lawrence stepped up to the crease – in this case Hopetown and – echoing Isaiah’s father – made her now famous call for peace and sanity to PNC supporters.

Which they heeded. And in this way torpedoed any chance of Granger ever salvaging any hope of taking over the PNC.

Volda Lawrence has now defeated him twice on the battlefield!!

…in Venezuela

Your Eyewitness really can’t understand some Guyanese. Take the lot who’re tearing their hair out over the fate of Maduro and his regime over in neighbouring Venezuela – on some notion that the US’s end game is in sight. And that Secretary Pompeo’s making his swing through our dear mudland, Suriname, Brazil, and Colombia to ask that we be on the side of democracy. Now here’s a leader, who –  like Burnham – has embarked on some hare-brained scheme to create a “perfect” utopia – and ended up with a dystopia that’s sent six million leaving on foot across their borders!

More to the point, with countries having permanent interests and all that, there’s the small matter of Venezuela laying claim to two-thirds of our country! And still occupying our half of Ankoko Island – which they seized the same year we got Independence. Our interest is to help the Venezuelan people once again enjoy the democratic freedoms we now do – with US help.

And use whatever chance to make the Venezuelans abandon their ridiculous land grab!

…and his “young’un”

A damning indictment of Granger’s destruction of good governance, was the revelation that after the GCAA Board reprimanded Amanda Walton-Desir she went directly to him.

And he backed her!