…who we are

Your Eyewitness is pleased as punch that Guyana’s first Gay Pride Parade came off without any confrontation between the LGBT marchers and the Neanderthal Tribe that evidently still survives in Guyana!!

Islam takes about the hardest line based on some of the same passages that are cited by the Neanderthals, yet Pakistan, as staunch a Muslim country as could be and created as the land of the “pure” – along with India and Bangladesh, created a “third” gender category to accommodate folks who just don’t fit in with the binary categories!!

What does it say about us?? It sez that there’s a whole lotta hate emanating from the Neanderthal Tribe and it’s swirling out there. It’s the hate of those who don’t conform to THEIR way of seeing the world. And it’s not just seeing – what they see they JUDGE! That way of seeing arises out of a mindset that tells them that there is only ONE way…and that is THEIR way. And this is the mindset that has spawned the Totalitarian horrors of the 20th century.

Did you think, Dear Reader, that it was a coincidence that the Nazi and the Communists, who were sworn enemies of each other – and killed 20 million to prove it! – both condemned homosexuality and killed them off gratuitously?? Why is this so?? Well, when you think about it…gays transgress the totalitarian insistence on cookie-uniformity in every which way, don’t they?? That’s why some folks didn’t get the irony of the Village People in their leather-bound Nazi look when they created and belted out what became the Gay anthem, “The YMCA”!!
It’s a variant of the refusal to accept differences which created the mindset that humiliated that poor Amerindian kid who dared to show up in his native grass skirt.

Imagine the pandemonium that would’ve ensued if he’d gone REAL native and not worn underpants!! Your Eyewitness has a simple take on the LGBT phenomenon: It ought NEVER to’ve been a PHENOMENON. It was always there…in all human societies, and that makes it NATURAL.

More natural than this Neanderthal tribe that was spawned at one point in time when Victorian morality ruled the day and was imposed on the rest of us at the point of a sword – with the help of their law. Just look at the period when all those laws against sodomy – which now form a coda for the Neanderthals – were placed on the books. The irony, of course, is that before and after the Victorian era, there were Royals who could swish with the best of them.

As for us in Guyana, let’s get real. Gays aren’t corrupting us…we’ve done pretty well on that front without them, haven’t we?

…wary about GECOM and its processes

So much attention has been paid daily to “out” fires created by the Administration in every area of national life – firing thousands of workers; challenging Judicial authority; corruption in contracts and projects, etc, etc, – that your Eyewitness wonders if it’s all a grand scam to take attention away from GECOM’s structure and its modus operandi. Therein lies the big prize!!

Let’s start with the Head of GECOM. Why would Granger buck a tradition that’s been working till now – questionably using a technicality – to put his geriatric fella who might or might NOT have been the Chief Justice in Grenada! – in the position. For the same reason Burnham had placed Chief Justice Bollers in the position in the heyday of rigging!! Then there’s the outmoded method of tabulating the count in our “far flung” polling stations. Why’d you think the Carter Centre’s recommendation for a more modern method hasn’t been introduced?? Ha!!

Your Eyewitness won’t even mention the ex-COP who’s now in charge of the Birth registration process!! Rig, baby! Rig!!

…real about debt and GuySuCo

So just because NICIL issued bonds to ‘recapitalise” GuySuCo, this means the Corporation might survive?

Not if the same lot spends the money!!


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