EYEWITNESS: Lawlessness..


…in Legal Affairs

Here we go again. Just last week, we had Basil Williams’ “contempt of court” – occasioned by his “despicable conduct” according to Justice Holder –  being swept under the rug.  Only a short while before, we had his feral blast at his Solicitor General also swept under the rug. In the “contempt of court” matter, however, we never had a chance to test his seminal contribution to the field of human psychology – a theory of “transferred frustration” – in the field, so to speak. It was a sad day for the disciplines of Justice as well as psychology!!

Then over the weekend, we discovered the charge he trumped up against his “bete noir” Anil Nandlall, for “stolen law books”, was based more on HIS frustration – which he didn’t “transfer! – than on the facts. The contract for the law books, as Nandlall had always maintained was between he (Nandlall) and the Law Books publisher. As Nandlall, (rightfully, if a tad gratuitously!!) smirked, “You can’t steal something from yourself!” Nandlall always acknowledged the government had paid for two years’ subscription – and as to whether that destroyed “privity” – that’s a case of a different colour!

So, we guess, since Williams is untouchable (not AN untouchable!!) because of the other hat he wears -Chairman of PNC which was on display over the weekend also – this too will be swept under the rug. But even before we could worry if the rug had space for new burials, the announcement burst on the Guyanese public that Williams had ILLEGALLY interfered with the Operations of the Registrar’s Office!  Oi vey!! Isn’t it time for Pressie to cry, “Will no one rid me of this pestilential AG!?”

Don’t hold your breath. As Chairman of the PNC, in an era of creeping party paramountcy, Williams has more pips than the Brigadier. Remember the Field Marshall’s outfit Burnham used to prance around in?? But really, folks!! Your Eyewitness hopes SOMEONE’s putting some thought as to what’s going on with Basil Williams. Your Eyewitness believes the answer was provided by David Owen, the once powerful Minister in Tony Blair’s cabinet.

In his recent book, “The Hubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair And The Intoxication Of Power”, Owen opines: For many politicians, power seems to go to their head, and becomes a heady drug affecting every action they take. The Greeks called it “hubris”, where the hero seeks glory, acclaim and success – to quell his severe doubts about his adequacy!

But, Owen concluded, hubris is almost always followed by nemesis. The end is almost nigh for Williams. Nandlall’s his nemesis!!

…in GRA

Can you believe what’s going on inside the GRA?? For the last two years, the outfit in the old, collapsing Clico Building were being presented as fighting for “truth, justice and the Guyanese way!!” Well, we now discover they certainly were! The only problem lies with what’s now “the Guyanese way”. Unfortunately its “grab what you can, whenever you can, for Numero Uno!!”

For years, we were hearing about scams involving that Holy Grail for all Guyanese – permission for a “duty free car”!! It was repeated time and again that only  the Ministry of Public Service could bequeath this perk – under strict regulations for remigrants and headmasters and other specified persons. Now mouth open and story jump out that the Customs Head determined on his own volition, he could write his own ticket for his duty free vehicle!

And this is now being investigated. But your Eyewitness has some news for the watchdogs – if they have any teeth for the incumbents.

The GRA gives Duty free car allowances even to some (favoured) clerks!! C’mon SOCU!!


It’s time the populace wakes up and smell the coffee that’s brewing. The PNC General Secretary just spelled out in excruciating detail, how all the ideas of Burnham will now be implemented once again.

But not bothering to explain why the results will be different!!


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