Once again, the march towards tyranny moves on inexorably under the jackboots of the PNC. The latest step was taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who allowed the common law charge of “misconduct in a public official” to be brought against two ex-officials from the PPP Government, but dropped the identical charge brought against two sitting Ministers of the present PNC Government!! And imagine even during the days of Burnham, Kwayana, as a private citizen, brought corruption charges against two sitting Ministers – Hamilton Green and David Singh – and had one of them convicted!!

Obviously, Granger doesn’t only want to fulfil Burnham’s legacy, but to SURPASS it!! What’s next?? For the Chancellor and the Chief Justice be appointed by him unilaterally – WHILE the PNC flag flies over the Appellate Court?? Now back in 1970 when Kwayana brought his charge he had to file charges with the Ombudsman – since that was the only constitutional office available to go after the big ones.

But since then, the DPP was created – specifically to shield the power to prosecute individuals in the judicial system from political interference. It’s a constitutional office which, “is the sole authority vested with the power and responsibility to exercise control over the prosecution of all criminal matters except the institution of a Court Martial.” But the right of the private citizen to bring charges, which is sacrosanct and guaranteed by the common law from time immemorial, was not ceded. The citizen could still do so…but the DPP had to take over the prosecution. The standard for the DPP is to see that “every dog” must have its day in court – even the most humble.

The DPP could also enter a nolle prosecui – that is a plea not to continue with the prosecution. But to prevent exactly what went down with the PPP charges against the two Ministers, the DPP MUST inform the citizen bringing the charges of the reasons. High up there would be if she doesn’t consider the evidentiary submission to be enough; a public interest nexus isn’t shown or the prosecution is likely to damage the interests of JUSTICE.

Now guess what this DPP gave as her reasons for ducking the charge?? First, that the Police didn’t investigate!! Not that the evidence presented is insufficient but that it wasn’t the Police that dug up the dirt!! Well duh!! Isn’t this what these charges against officials are all about?

The second “reason” was that “in the interest of good governance”, the Police should’ve been brought in!! Circularity?!!
So we have a DPP – guided not by the pursuit of justice, but by the politics of “good governance”.

Which, to Burnhamites, was established by Machiavelli!!


Your Eyewitness has been around the block – and some!! So he thought he’d heard it all. But, dear reader, you could’ve knocked him over with a feather after he heard PNC’s Chairperson Amna Ally’s response to PPP’s (rigging) concerns on house-to-house registration. She claims Guyanese are enjoying the PNC-promised “good Life” and the PPP are just jealous!!

That’s right folks. Seven thousand seven hundred (7700) persons in the streets after being fired by the Government from GuySuCo enjoying the good life!! The bauxite workers staring at an imminent halt to operations at RUSAL’s Berbice operations enjoying the good life!! The forestry sector’s been halved after Barama’s pull out but the unemployed workers are enjoying the good life!!

Amna Ally and the PNC have to be really contemptuous of the Guyanese people when she can talk about the good life when even her growth figure has been cut by HALF!! One wonders if Amna Ally isn’t into S&M if she thinks that’s the good life!!
While one may shrug that off with “different STROKES for different folks”, this isn’t only about her, is it?

…for City Hall

Aren’t you all cut up about City Hall? The King just sobbed as to how they have to run their business on a “shoestring”.

A shoestring the circumference of the Earth!!


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