EYEWITNESS: Investigations… into crimes


The visit of the Argentine Forensic Anthropologist to the sites of the Berbice youths’ murders reminded your Eyewitness of those motorists whose cars break down and they immediately lift up their hoods and look inside. Do even one percent of those fellas know what’s under a hood, to know what’s going on; or, more to the point, what’s NOT going on? That women don’t EVER do this ritual alerts you to what’s behind it: the insistence of men that they KNOW what makes things click!

Your Eyewitness carefully scrutinised the pictures of the Forensic Anthropologist – along with the GHRA zone-man outfit and the pot salt lawyer – carefully scrutinising the muddy ground where the bodies of the Henry boys had been found. The mud was so deep that the fancy 4-wheel vehicle that the investigators came in had to de dragged out by a tractor. His Google search had informed him that Forensic Anthropologists “Assist law enforcement with the location and recovery of human remains at crime scenes. Cleans the bones, so that they may be examined. Analyse skeletal remains to establish the biological profile of the individual.”

Since all these identification details were never questioned, he wondered exactly what new details about the “age, sex, stature, ancestry and unique features of the skeletons” the Forensic Anthropologist could detect. Especially when continuous rain had washed away any blood or any other evidence that might’ve been left. Not to mention that countless investigators, curious villagers, and cynical reporters had been tramping over the site since the murders had occurred more than three months ago.

Now, your Eyewitness isn’t going to second guess a trained Forensic Anthropologist, since he doesn’t know how much training he must’ve had in examining muddy crime scenes in backdams. But he certainly knows GUYANESE backdams, and he’s willing to bet dollars to donuts that the “site visit” by the high-powered team was more of a photo-op than anything else. Just like when the Rodney COI visited the scene of the great man’s assassination 35 years later.

THEY certainly didn’t go to Bent St to look for evidence! And while we’re at it, isn’t it time that the Report be finally released from the embargo Granger placed on it?
Anyhow, back to the Argentine Forensic Anthropologist who was brought in at a cost of US$3000. He now wants access to the evidence the GPF collected. Now, very frankly, your Eyewitness doesn’t see anything wrong with this request…and hopes it was accommodated. But your Eyewitness is pretty sure that there were no other bones found that needed to be identified etc.

Other DNA on clothing etc? That’s done by any forensic lab. No need to engage expensive trained Forensic Anthropologists.

…in selling guns

Your Eyewitness viewed a video of former Public Security Minister Ramjattan being asked about allegations that he’s the “high AFC Executive” who was reportedly selling more than a hundred gun licences for at least $1,000,000 a pop!

First of all, your Eyewitness was relieved that the man who thought he’s be Prime Minister by now didn’t let out one of his signature “Haul yuh ass!” expressions; but, then, he seemed to have reserved that greeting for reporters from THIS newspaper.

But after listening to the very, very agitated and gesticulating former Minister insisting that the owners of the on-line news outfit and the Muckraker who broke the story will be hearing from his lawyers, all your Eyewitness could say was, “Methinks he doth protest too much!” As a fella who practised at the criminal bar, he would’ve cautioned many of his clients not to overdo the “innocent plea”. After all, every crook says the same thing!

And listeners will figure he’s just blowing smoke up their nether orifice!

…by the ERC

Well, the ERC seems to be frantically trying to justify its $220 million annual budget. Fresh from hosting its “national conversation on ethnic relations” – which was neither “national” nor a “conversation” – it’s investigating an alleged incendiary comment from another AFC executive.

Yeah, right!!