EYEWITNESS: Inanities…


…on oil

Mark Twain has some good advice for some politicians in this Govt: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.” Take PM Nagamootoo, who — exulting as “acting President,” with Granger over in Europe — took a question as to why the Government wasn’t releasing the details of the production contract with ExxonMobil.

Now, all he had to do was admit he didn’t know the details; no one would’ve even thought he “appeared stupid”. Everyone knows by now that such matters are over his “authority grade” (not “pay grade”; that’s well taken care of, thank you!!), even though that was one of the conditions of the Cummingsburg Accord. That Accord was, of course, trumped by the Nassau Accord between Granger and Trotman. Like that well-known character of Caribbean fame — the cuckolded husband — folks assume he’d be the last to know he was “getting blow”!

But, of course, Nagamootoo being Nagamootoo, he just HAD to say something to show he’s in the loop. Most cuckolded husbands also like to pretend they JUST KNOW their wives’ whereabouts! Nagamootoo claimed the details of the oil contract couldn’t be released because of the Venezuela border controversy!!!

“We have a situation right now with Venezuela, and we have entered into the last six months of a very delicate process involving the United Nations; and we have to, in this final six months, decide if there is no resolution that the matter should go to International Court of Justice.”

Is Nagamootoo for real?? We’ve already rebuffed the Venezuelans’ misguided objections to Exxon’s drilling and producing oil. We have a contract, don’t we?? What could possible exacerbate their “controversy”?? Surely Nagamootoo’s government hasn’t transferred sovereignty over the area to Exxon, have they?

But hold it!! Something just struck your humble Eyewitness. Did they?? And that’s the crux of what’s bothering Guyanese and Guyanese institutions like TIGI. What exactly have they given away to Exxon? To just boastfully announce royalty payments have been increased from 1% to 2% is just adding salt to our wound. Every Third World oil country gets 5% to 15%! Whatever Janet Jagan might’ve signed away to get Exxon to sign on the dotted line back in 1999 is now a moot point.

That contract had expired and the Government renegotiated a NEW contract. Whatever happened in the past was GONE…DONE…FINISHED…KAPUT! So what’s the maximum Exxon can claim as “cost oil” so that nothing is left as “profit oil”?? What’s the rate of taxation on Exxon’s profits?

Guyanese just don’t WANT to know; they have a RIGHT to know!

…on “illusionary economy”

This administration mightn’t know squat about getting the economy going, but they’re certainly creative with their excuses. In their first budget, 2016, Trotman went all medical as he assured Guyanese that while the budgetary measures were “bitter”, “good medicine tastes bitter”. Segueing to preventative medicine, he averred: “We all remember that vaccination we get at an early age of infancy – the closer to birth the better. I refer to the one that made us scream in pain and anger…We all bear the mark on our arms, and today thank our parents and healthcare workers who administered it.”

Well, the Guyanese people have certainly been “screaming in pain and anger” because the economy continues imploding as the “bitter medicine” and “vaccine” proved useless.

Now Minister of State Harmon has another explanation for the moribund state of affairs – his government inherited an “illusionary economy”!! “And what the **** is that?” you ask, dear reader?

It’s like that three-card monte game they have for suckers at fairs: now you see it and now you don’t!!

…and vanities

PS Welch was criticised for a $500,000, 5’ x 5’ guard hut he built at his home, and now for a $1M one at his Ministry. Why? He obviously cares about ordinary workers, like guards.

Make him PS of the Labour Ministry!


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