EYEWITNESS: Giving the unidigital salute…


…to Cabinet

A couple of days ago, your Eyewitness referred to the Communities Minister’s recommendation to the City Council to suspend the Parking Meter Contract for three months. He pointed out this had to be a directive from the very top of the power pyramid of the PNC – forget about the AFC and those half-men outfits in APNU! And he predicted the decision by City Council would show “who had more seed than baigan”!!

Well…now we know!! And it ain’t Bulkan – but that we already knew, didn’t we? If central casting ever wanted a faceless, seedless apparatchiki, this former lumber salesman is their guy!! Now that the Councillors of City Hall – played like a violin by maestro Royston King – have given the middle finger to the suggestion, it’s clear they believe they’re more well-endowed, seedwise, than any big kahuna over in Congress Place. During the special meeting convened by the Deputy Mayor to discuss Cabinet’s recommendation, he took pains to say the well-endowed Mayor was away, and matters will have to await her return.

As to who’s the PNC leader City Hall is willing to buck…we won’t speculate save to say if the point’s even up for discussion, things aren’t what they seem! So the question is…who’s gonna blink first? That’ll give us an inkling of the of the PNC’s power topography.

In the meantime, their lawyer – from the same chambers handling Smart City’s interest!!! – advised them as to their options in a six-page memo, which the dissenters claim they need time “to study”. One “option” of course was to face the “terror clause” which the Gang of Four signed. That, of course, basically pledged the first-born of this and the next generation be handed over to Smart City as bonded labour to pay off the debt we would’ve accrued!

Evidently the question of “conflict of interest” doesn’t arise with City Hall and Smart City using the same law firm. As we know, all lawyers have “split personalities” and each personality REALLY doesn’t know of the existence of the others! Anyhow back to the matter at hand – which had to do with the testicular attributes of the City Hall Gang of Four, versus that of the PNC top honchos.

In the estimation of your bemused Eyewitness, these PNC folks are sooo deep in the mire of corruption that birthed this contract from hell…there’s no way, it will be cancelled – as the protesters are demanding. What’s most likely is there will be some further “compromises” that really won’t amount to squat in the long-term.

We’ll still be getting it in the end!

…to sugar workers

If there was any doubt where this Government stands vis a vis sugar workers, two news items on the industry in yesterday’s newspapers should’ve cleared them up. Just as happened at Wales, the workers at East Demerara Estates have to read between the lines of anonymous decisions by GuySuCo operatives to get a glimmer of their fate. Why talk directly to them? What’d they know? They’re only cane cutters!! So we now can figure East Demerara sugar will be shuttered in three to four years? How’d we know that? Well… they’ve ordered no new canes be planted there – so when the standing stock are ratooned out in three to four years, it’s “sayonara time”, baby!!

The other item was the CEO – who presided over the demise of the industry as a big honcho of Booker Tate – excruciatingly parsing the labour laws to claim GuySuCo doesn’t owe severance pay to workers transferred out of their 10-mile zone!!

But not to worry…Nagamootoo says, it’s gonna be aw’right!

…the criminal law

Public Security Minister – and a (criminal!) lawyer to boot – Khemraj Ramjattan, says pharma contracts to NEW GPC under the PPP were like “kick down the door banditry”.

So, are the present rental of the Pharma warehouse and the sole sourced contracts to ANSA and others drug-induced aggravated rape??


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