EYEWITNESS: Foot and mouth disease…



Trotman just can’t leave well alone, can he? Now that the energy portfolio – read oil and gas – has been plucked from his grubby little hands, he seems driven to find excuses for his embarrassing demotion. Namely that his giveaway on the oil contract with Exxon was so egregious, it made the rape of the Sabine women look like a friendly tussle!!

The fella seems to forget it was he who’d boasted about his “negotiation prowess” and he was going to take Exxon to the mat!! He took them to the mat, of course, but unlike the case with the Honeymooning Couple, it was soon clear he wasn’t the one “on top”!! At the time Your Eyewitness concluded he was delusional. But since he refused to reveal the details of the “deal” he’d made – save his boast he’d DOUBLED the royalty rate the PPP had accepted – your Eyewitness didn’t realise the depth of his deceit.

First, he insisted Exxon didn’t HAVE to agree with the need for a renegotiating and he had accomplished some sort of legerdemain to bring them to the table. He’s still pushing that line even though we know – after he and his government were dragged kicking and screaming to reveal the (sordid) details of the contract – the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) had a time element that had expired. But the excuses now shifted to WHY he’d rushed to sign without proper advice or help.

And now he’s not only ventured further into the realm of the delusional, but is undermining our national security.  Speaking to the Bar and Bench’s seminar on the oil sector, he concocted a new “reason” for his bumbling:  Maduro’s decree over our waters on May 27  (not May 26 as Trotman claimed) to include the Liza find. “It is important for Guyana to move to production as quickly as possible, so we could assert when we got to court that production was taking place within the territorial waters of Guyana. If it was that there was no production, it would be a matter for dispute as to where the realm stood. So, getting to production was strategic, because it had to do with sovereignty.”

So let us go through this slowly. We’ve never conceded there’s ANY merit in Venezuela’s claim that the full and final award was affected. THIS, in fact, was just a CONTROVERSY Venezuela created. And that’s why we wanted to take the matter to the World Court. Now, why would we want to now STRENGTHEN something that was already ironclad??! Hasn’t  Trotman now introduced an element of doubt into our position?

The old saw applies here: if it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it!! Especially when it’s just to save (Trotman’s) face!!

…in the AG’s Chambers

When will someone take care of the embarrassment into which the Attorney General seems hell bent on imposing on his Chambers permanently? First, there was the quality of the (legal?) advice he was giving to his principal – the President and the Cabinet. He was then given five legal “luminaries” to show him some light. Didn’t help though! And the cases he insisted on pursuing which were more like personal vendettas than anything else just made him appear more vindictive than he already was.

Now he’s really gone over the edge into raging, full-time megalomania. He claimed he wasn’t invited to the Bar and Bench’s oil seminar and, therefore, issued a decree that no one on his staff could attend. Turns out he was, in fact, invited but had declined because he would be “out of the jurisdiction”!! He obviously thought the event should’ve been postponed until he returned!!

Seems like it’s not only Ramjattan who thinks he’s the Sun King!!

…in the Presidency

Now why should the President want to break up the present stellar judicial team of the incumbent Chancellor and Chief Justice just to parachute in an old army squaddie?
If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Please!!


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