Eyewitness: Follow the leader…


…but which PNC leader??

Your Eyewitness is pleased to announce that Volda Lawrence’s GoFundMe account was shared with 3500 persons and has now inched up to US$480 towards her goal of US$20,000. With another US$20, she’ll be able to cover the Gy$100,000 bail money she had to cough up at the Magistrate’s Court! Even though she’s promised to use the funds to battle the sneaky PPP, maybe she can now buy some fried rice for her die-hard supporters. They’re sure to be there when she next shows up in Court to face the criminal charge of conspiring to forge documents to show her PNC coalition won the March 2 elections!

The Chairwoman of the PNCR, played her cards better than her accomplice Mingo, with whom she’d signed the cocked-up SOP tabulation for Reg 4. He had to be arrested and brought to Police HQ, since he kept dodging service. Wasn’t a pretty sight to see him in handcuffs, but heck, look at what he did to so many others after his dirty deed. Also wasn’t a pretty sight when Commissioner Robeson Benn was splayed on the ground at the ACCC during the recount with the Police dragging him.

But it looks like Volda will be needing a much largest war chest that US$480 if she’s to get back to the centre of the action. Cause while she’s worrying about facing jail time, her bete noir, Lil Joe Harmon, announced that the PNC’s 31 MPs-to-be have already met and informally agreed to choose him as Opposition Leader when Parliament convenes next Tuesday. Volda surely must’ve hoped that she had some support among that lot, who would’ve balked at ex-army man Lil Joe usurping the role she should be playing.

So, with Granger as Leader of the PNC, and his protégé Lil Joe as Opposition Leader controlling the official levers of the PNC, as your Eyewitness emphasised yesterday, it looks like Volda’s only hope is to launch a populist challenge against her nemeses from her Georgetown base. The opportunity will present itself on Tuesday when Lil Joe has announced he’ll be presenting the Elections Petition to the Courts and has called for PNC supporters to come out in force to show the PNC means business.

What Volda should be doing is to make her own call to her supporters – she’s still PNC chair, ain’t she? – and show Lil Joe whose support is bigger!! PNC(V) versus PNC(G)? shades of Burnham versus Jagan in the old PPP!!

The COVID-19 regulations?? Not to worry!!

Volda and Lil Joe will both be raring to show who’s “more PNC” – to bait the Police more effectively.

…to Parliament?

If all goes as planned, Lil Joe has a busy week ahead. Right after he announced he’ll then be presenting the PNC’s Elections Petition on Monday, Parliamentary Clerk Issacs revealed Parliament will be convened on the very next day!! This means Lil Joe and his crowd – plus Volda and her crowd? – will be at the Courts on Monday morning and will have to get ready to mosey over to Parliament on Tuesday.

Trouble is, because of the COVID-19 restrictions – which, unlike the PNC, the powers-that-be are obeying – Parliament’s been moved from the Public Buildings – across from the Magistrates Court – all the way to the ACCC over at Liliendaal. Lil Joe will therefore be arriving there all hot and sweaty if he wants supporters on the scene. And bothered, if Volda shows up and shows him up!! Now, this was supposed to be the scene of his crowning glory, since he only becomes Opposition Leader if the PNC’s MPs vote for him at that first meeting!!

A possible slip between the cup and the lip??

…in seclusion

In the meantime, PNC leader David Granger’s staying true to form and doing his best imitation of Greta Garbo – studiously remaining secluded behind his high green walls.

Or is it the Wizard of Oz – just a wizened old man behind a curtain??