EYEWITNESS: Fixing complaints… on Government’s outreaches


One of the challenges in governing a divided country like ours is how’d you please “the people” when the people don’t see themselves as “a people”. Good for us, this problem isn’t confined to our dear mudland. In fact, it’s the default situation in the world, countries, villages and even in families!!

Remember when mom favoured her favourite son more than you?!! And that’s the rub, isn’t it?? Even when the Government tries to be even-handed, we’ll still compare and get bent outta shape!!

So, it’s up to us citizens to pick the fake news from the real news before we get our dander up. Now, don’t get your Eyewitness wrong; NO ONE can be absolutely fair, even when trying. And when it comes to Governments, since most of them are more concerned with filling their own pockets than the pockets (even the bellies!) of the people, you gotta pay great attention to what you’re being told. Especially by whoever’s in Opposition, since it’s their job to poo-poo the Government’s performance.

But, as we know to our cost – several riots, mass murders and burning down of whole sections of our country as starters – folks on the ground are all subject to what’s called “confirmation bias”. We hear what we wanna hear, especially in our Guyana, which’s been poor so long we just can’t seem to keep our heads above water. It’s easier to believe the Government’s helping only THEIR people, while WE stagnate or fall further behind.

Take a challenge; ANY challenge: let’s say roads. If we’re honest, there isn’t a community in Guyana where roads aren’t in the most horrible condition. But we personally don’t go into EVERY community in Guyana, do we? Especially in areas where PEOPLE LIKE US aren’t living. So, when we’re told the Government’s fixing THEIR roads, we get all bent out of shape!! And since Aug 2, 2020, when Granger reluctantly stepped aside, that’s all the PNC Opposition and their lackeys have been doing: inciting their supporters with daily harangues about them being neglected. And in our context, claiming explicitly that the Government’s RACIST!! In Guyana, of course, there’s no more incendiary charge than that!!

So, what does the Government do?? Well, for one, throw out facts of the Government’s interventions in Opposition strongholds, which in Guyana means African Guyanese-dominated areas!!  But from what just came out of a heated clash in our National Assembly between our Public Service Minister Sonia Parag and PNC MP Flue-Bess, how dare the Minister defend the Government’s performance against the charges of discrimination and racism!??!

It’s expected from all Governments!! So, why lie about it and provoke hostilities?? The ERC’s gotta be reconstituted to deal with the provocative harangues!!

…in banking

One of the other provocative claims the PNC Opposition’s been making for years under PPP Governments is that banks discriminate against THEIR supporters to refuse loans. Implying the PPP’s responsible!! And that’s why they’re stagnating economically. But is this really true? Let’s look at some facts. After Burnham seized power in 1968, he NATIONALISED all banks, and, for the next two decades, gave out so many loans to his supporters that the Guyana National Cooperative Bank went bankrupt. Where did all that money go?

And when the PPP took over, and private banks re-entered the picture, wasn’t the Trini-based Republic Bank from then the biggest bank?? Were they controlled by the PPP? And then Banks DIH opened up Citizens Bank; was that PPP controlled? We won’t even talk about Globe Trust!! And why didn’t the PNC, between 2015 and 2020, accept applications to have an African-owned bank open up??

But Your Eyewitness is pleased that the PPP just arranged for one just now. Let’s hear what’s the “problem” now!!

…on our sweet tooth

Your Eyewitness had thought he’d never see the phenomenon again – Guylines!! This time for sugar, which President Ali assured is back in stores.

It’s gotta be genetic: on hearing this, Guylines spontaneously appeared!!