EYEWITNESS: Feral squeak…


…by PM’s poodle

A few years ago, PPP MP Priya Manickchand took on the US Ambassador when she thought he’d stepped over the line in local politics by criticising then President, Donald Ramotar, and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. Cabinet Secretary Roger Luncheon justified her strident remarks as a “feral blast” appropriate as a riposte to the Ambassador’s comments to a local group, which he cited.
On a day on which Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge unfurled Guyana’s draft “Diaspora Engagement Strategy and Action Plan” — which he would be submitting to Cabinet — the Government’s Director of Public Information (DPI), Imran Khan, called out the Indian High Commissioner on one of that country’s diaspora events!!

Calling the High Commissioner by name, Khan questioned whether he wasn’t “interfering in Guyana’s internal affairs and attempting to engage in destabilization of the Coalition Government”!!

And what was this “destabilising act”? Well, how was it that the Indian Government didn’t invite MINISTERS to their first “People of Indian Origin (PIO) Parliamentarian Conference”? They only invited MPs and Mayors.

Now, your Eyewitness is confused from several fronts. Since none of the TWENTY-THREE countries that sent delegates was allowed to send Ministers of Government, was India attempting to destabilise them also? And even such politically savvy countries like the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada etc didn’t see the act as “destabilising”.

Will Guyana be “destabilising” other countries when it convenes its “Guyanese Diaspora” MP conferences?
How exactly is not inviting Ministers to a meeting “destabilising”?? Since there were Government MPs in the Government’s delegation, it couldn’t be they were being trained to overthrow the Government, could it?

Khan complained there were only 3 Government MPs, compared to 20 PPP MPs (there were actually only 17, plus 3 Mayors), but then this isn’t the Government of India’s fault.

The APNU/AFC Government could easily have solved this anomaly by fielding 18 Indian Guyanese MPs!
Why didn’t it, since it boasts it’s a “multiracial Government,” representative of ALL Guyana?? What Khan has inadvertently done is to show that Emperor Granger actually is naked of real multi-racial support. If the very best the Coalition Government can do is to muster 3 Indian MPs, something is really rotten in the state of Guyana.

Or is it actually the DIY Imran Khan who’s rotten? As the pet poodle of PM Nagamootoo, he’s adopted the snide and snarky mannerisms of his boss when it comes to the PPP in general and Bharrat Jagdeo in particular. Even though Minister Volda Lawrence demanded the statement be pulled, Khan refused. He had to’ve had the support of his boss.
But, in the end, the best a poodle can utter is a “feral squeak”!!

…and the poodle’s owner

In a follow up post — which someone just sent to your Eyewitness — Khan confirms it was his boss, the PM — and his insane jealousy of Bharrat Jagdeo — who’s behind the entire attack on India. He quoted a statement from an Indian newspaper, The Hindu: “(Prime Minister Modi) mentioned the presence of former Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo…”  Oooooh!! This was too much for Nagamootoo! The leader of a major world power acknowledging his bete noir?? His poodle asked in response: “Was this deliberate, and were rules and impositions put in place to not allow Prime Minister Nagamootoo to attend, so that he would not have to be recognized as the highest-ranking Guyanese lawmaker of Indian origin?”

Maybe it was an even greater WORLD conspiracy?  The rule also barred the Prime Minister of Ireland and the Prime Minister of Portugal. If they’d showed up, they’d have shown up Jagdeo even more!!

After all, they’re REAL Prime Ministers, running countries. Not just in charge of a poodle!!

…and sugar workers

To court their votes, on Indian Arrival Day 2015, Nagamootoo saluted the sugar workers of Rose Hall, and promised their factory would never be closed.
What does he squeak now, seeing Rose Hall isn’t only closed, but the workers can’t even get their severance?


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